How To Rock A Shirt Dress: Fall Fashion

Sometimes when I shop in US, I wish that they had more vibrant colors in their stock. Often the colors are grey, light blue, white, black i...

Sometimes when I shop in US, I wish that they had more vibrant colors in their stock. Often the colors are grey, light blue, white, black in their collection, even the ones with a little color is toned down, its very rare to find a popping bright yellow or red or pink one can get hold of. Something my mom used to tell me before coming here as she remembered on her visit to US years back the colors were very boring. She would say you'd find boring colors but not Indian colors. So when we were planning our fall gateway to Mount Washington and White Mountains during peak fall foliage from New Jersey, It suddenly came to my mind 'Oh I have all the dull colors in the world in my wardrobe, they are nice cuts and everything' but with the colors of fall, I would love to go matching matching. At least if not red, yellow, green then pink. I wanted to get a fuchsia coat or a bright red coat without spending lots, so, I took a local bus and I arrived at TJMaxx Edgewater.

 Now, TJMaxx is a shop that sells hi end branded clothes / shoes/ cosmetics/ luggage etc on fraction of its cost. Its not a low priced shop compared to H&M and Forever 21, but I have often gotten shoes from there and they usually come in range of $29 whether its Steve Madden heels or Sperry shoes or even Adidas or Aerosoles or TOMS. The discount is throughout the year, so one doesn't have to wait for clearance of Nordstrom Rack to get these brands. I am not a very high end branded person, but TJMaxx is near to my place and it was the first time I was checking it out in New Jersey and this TJMaxx at Edgewater is huge. I even found hi priced sling bags for $9. In TJMaxx you have to be a little careful with shopping as sometimes just sometimes, things are way off size. They do have a return policy of 30 days. It was just one day before my trip that I panicked on what to wear that I took the bus of 15 minutes.

 So, New Hampshire is a popular fall gateway from New York area. You can find details of my trip here. I was looking for a coat but the coats were expensive. So, my eyes just glanced into this dress and I thought this baby pink color is my thing and I have got to wear it. It was by Calvin Klein and was priced as $19. The textile of this garment is very soft and after my trial on it, I took it. In this picture you see me wearing Calvin Klein Shirt Dress with Sperry Boat Shoes.And with baby pink lipstick on me. I was enamored by NYX lip creams, so I got 5 shades in them. It goes out creamy dries out matt and stays long. This I was wearing at 1am midnight and this picture is taken at 10:30 am. I have reapplied it after having omelette and pancake at 8am but there was very little transfer, I could have gotten away without reapplication even. This shade is Addis Ababa. You can view my review of NYX Lipcream here, for SanPaulo shade. You can get it at Amazon($5.69), Target has it for $5.99 and CVS for $6.99.

                                                        Shirt Dress: Calvin Klein ($19), TJMaxx

                                                         Lipcream: Addis Ababa by NYX ($5.99)

                                                    Place in Picture: White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA

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  1. Love the idea of keeping it to just two colors for the whole look. I think the hue of the shirt dress complements your skin tone perfectly. Hope you had a great trip. Pictures look lovely. :)



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