A New Dawn with Denim Kurti Dress : New Jersey Feat, Myntra

In the metamorphosis called life,  Things happen, good things bad things,  Pain changes people and lessons are learnt.  In that intense ...

In the metamorphosis called life, 
Things happen, good things bad things, 
Pain changes people and lessons are learnt. 
In that intense pain of transformation, 
Brews a necessity called truth and honesty, 
Like Phoenix rising from the ashes, 
Wanting respect and dignity. 
That’s when new dawn starts, 
Which centers you whole. 
You know where it all began from, 
And you know where it will end. 
And the answer you know now, 
Stays a lifetime. 
Thats the power of pain. 
 Thats the power of new dawn. 
Thats the power of divine timing. 
That makes you fearless forever. 

 Myntra has always been one of my favorite online shopping jaunts back in India and just before coming to US, my heart flew for this beautiful denim kurti style dress. I loved the contrasting yellow embroidery on it and the overall fit. Ever since it was kept in my wardrobe, folded and every time I would take out I would think this time for sure..

 So, as you all know Fall has arrived in New York area and its started to get a little cold at times. Denim is a perfect choice for Fall because its relativity thicker in texture, and the length of this dress is perfect for covering my legs from getting cold. So standing on the riverfront, I thought let’s click some pictures from my camera and there we go! How I miss Myntra here and how I wish we had similar ecommerce site in US or probably we do have which I do not know of yet.

 Between time has come such that people don’t even look at roads. When I was shooting with my camera with remote, a guy had come for pest control spray on the pavement. He told me so I moved inside. There was this lady oblivious of him in front texting on her mobile with her head down, she stood there for 10 minute and at last I said to her ‘Miss, this gentleman needed to spray so if you could move’.

 Talking of the poem above, we all say pain is bad. But bad is not pain. Bad is how we perceive pain. Pain has given me the best lessons and the worst encounters. I don’t think I regret it, its only made me stronger and today I am clearer than I had ever been before.

 And oh! GlassesShop has sent me these eyewear(which I chose from there many collections) for review and I have got to say, I love GlassesShop for eyewear. We have another review coming soon on my take on these affordable Glasses.


                                                             Denim Dress: Myntra (Rs 1099)

                                                            Eyewear Glasses: GlassesShop

                                                          Place in Picture: New Jersey, USA 

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  1. You are looking stunning in this Denim Kurti Dress. I just love to wear the clothes which are made from Denim fabric. It is very nice fabric. Thanks you so much for this lovely post.
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  2. Wow, looking sonice dress. Will try this soon.


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