Top 5 Essentials That Will Add Magic To Your Personality

Top 5 Essentials That Will Add Magic To Your Personality: Dress to kill, they said. And, today’s metro sexual men take extra care to...

Top 5 Essentials That Will Add Magic To Your Personality:

Dress to kill, they said. And, today’s metro sexual men take extra care to dress them to the perfection. So here come the “must have” essentials that will help the men to grab some extra attention.

 It doesn’t matter what your style, profession or body type is, these essentials will add charisma to your looks!

So here we go.

 The Crisp White Shirt: 

White shirt is one of the most appealing wardrobe accessories for every man. If we talk about its versatility, the shirt can be worn with anything you desire.

 It is said that colours do have an impact on people’s perception of you. White colour is related to cleanliness; it is the colour of new beginnings and purity. It spreads positive “vibes” to the surroundings and attracts people around you.

 You can wear it during a job interview, business meeting, or even on a date. It is the perfect colour for the formal or informal get-together!

 A crisp, white, slim-fit shirt is an essential that every man must have. It is versatile and dapper.

The tailored fit jeans: 

 Everyone needs a pair of well-fitted dark blue jeans. It may be difficult to search for the perfect pair of denim in the correct size, but trust us, it’s worth it! It’s better to have one pair of well-fitted jeans rather than having ten pairs that aren’t right!

Investment in quality dark blue jeans is worth your money as they will last for many years and will continue to look great even after years. They’re timeless, royal, versatile and the longer you wear them, the better they look.

 The Blazer:

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People take you seriously when you wear a blazer! It is the most important thing that one should keep in the wardrobe! The best part about the blazer is that it can be worn over a pair of chinos for the formal look or even a basic tee with jeans while you are hanging out with your friends.

 A blazer helps to dress up for formal as well as casual outlook. Even if you wish to be neutral, it can assist you with the “semi-formal” look. It creates a perfect balance. Isn’t that amazing?

 The Navy Suit:

                                        Photo credit: [ ]

It doesn’t matter whether you are a CEO, a manager or even intern, every man must own a customised Navy suit. It is suggested to spend bucks on the suit that fits you well as it is going to be last for many years. You can be assured that it will consistently remain classic for next decade and will look savvy.

 You can dress up with the crisp shirt and bow a tie, or can go with the checked shirt to look casual.

 One must keep in mind that the suit looks great on you when it is well- fitted. So, from sleeve fitting to leg fitting it should be well stitched. Custom made suit are one of the best dressing codes if you want heads to be turned!

 An appropriate pair of footwear:  

                                                                       [Photo credit : ]

The first thing that people notice about your attire is your shoes. One should always wear nice shoes. If you are wearing formal wear, then you must opt for the beautiful evergreen black dress shoes. Keep them well polished. You can wear them to formal event, office event or even at dinner date! These interesting and helpful things you never knew about shoes.

 White sneakers are an absolute must have to your collection. It is best worn with jeans and tee and sometimes even with formal outlook. They add edginess to any outfit, and you can wear this with any discomfort.

 Wrap up:

 It is a fact that being conscious about the style is not that easy, but if we observe the clothes and accessories we wear and find out what suits us best, it will add a lot to the personality!

Choose well! Dress well!

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