Fashionara Review: Happy Birthday To Me With Avirate

                                                                      Blow out the candles                                              ...

                                                                     Blow out the candles

                                                                        Wish Away

                                                     Because I am the superstar of the day

                                                                   I am not getting old

                                                                   I am getting better...

Now these days I hardly go to shops.May be because my lazy bum refuses to move.I love the convenience of getting everything online.

                                                         As if my home is my trial room.

Many would disagree they would say "Offline is better" and I would gently put my point across and say online is much much better.In fact,me and my hubby these days often quarrel on whether I should buy online at all.Because the temptation to buy on the spur of a moment is just a click away and in the spirit of things much much cheaper I buy two three and as many as I would want to.I hardly look anywhere else because what I get online is such super affordable.If you guys,don't believe me,check my reviews on other fashion eCommerce(Myntra,Jabong,Koovs) sites here.

Why I chose Avirate on Fashionara

Now many of my friends,swear by Avirate,a brand of which till a week back I was aware but I had very weird thought that it's very expensive.The only thing that suddenly made me turn to Avirate was because my shorts were now coming tight as for my sweet tooth,I had gained weight.As every women in India,curvaceous hips are a problem.Like what fits at the top may or not fit at the bottom.

Because we ain't sleek individuals like skinny models.

Avirate understands that.It's one of the few brands which understands the built of an Asian.Ever since I bought one I got addicted.So much so that my courier chap smiles at me every time he delivers every two-three days.I love the fabric of Avirate.Sometimes the off shoulder dresses have inbuilt pads which is so necessary.Heads up for Avirate.Love the brand with heart soul and all.It takes the shape of your body.Very fluid,very contemporary very nice.

If you recall it,I was the runners up in Avirate Real Women Contest.

Fashionara: An Excellent Site : India's Coolest E-Fashion Mall

                                              I celebrate my 32nd birthday,guys I am 30+
                                                     And I don't hide my age :)

                                                        Because I still feel 18

Comparing fashion portals,some good some not so good,I came across this fab site as Fashionara. This was my first order and I was apprehensive as every other newbie.I didn't wanted my money to get stuck in series of refunds with improper fit or couriers to be delayed and delayed and delayed.I love the fact that Fashionara has Fashion deals everyday sometimes with shoes,sometimes with garments and the associations of brands are really nice brands.The brands which you can probably blindly trust.I love the fact that they don't encourage low-grade non-sense brand in the competition to keep their site at all price range.

Currently Fashionara has 60% sale on Avirate. Comparing Avirate at other fashion sites vs. Fashionara,I found that they have the most affordable cost and variety.

Try@Home: Impressive Feature

I have started falling in love with Fashionara just for this one thing that you can try@home.If you like it,you can pay.If you do not,you can return then and there.Since I generally pay on Cash on Delivery,I request the delivery boy to wait which he does,I try and if I do not like it on me,I return.Sometimes if I order two three items and one of which is not looking good on me,I can pay for the rest of the two.Very convenient.

Cash On Delivery:No Extra Cost

Some eCommerce sites have extra cash on delivery charges.When you put it on cart and checkout,an amount is added. Fashionara doesn't have that.

Quick Delivery

I wonder what express delivery is when their normal delivery itself is so quick.I usually get my stuff within a day or two.Yesterday night I ordered at 12,today I got it by 11:30 am.And they always make sure to call before the delivery guy arrives and ask if we are available.Relief!You can also request them to come tomorrow

My Lists

This is an interesting feature on Fashionara wherein you can create your wishlist and transfer it to your cart when you want it and if they are available.However as a suggestion,what I would say,why can't we set an alarm on how many products are left or the product we have in our wishlist is getting over.So that we can grab it then.

Tabs Such As Address Book,Loyalty,Coupons,Refer Friends

One of the interesting things about Fashionara is when you refer a friend or you buy,you get loyalty points which you can redeem with your purchase.Address Book can contain all addresses you might want to deliver to.

Service is Good

                                          Dress: Avirate from Fashionara, Rs 1559, Bellies:Marks And Spencer:Rs 999(on sale)

So if you are calling them and telling them to cancel an order they would.They pick up their calls,quite decent and well spoken.However,you yourself cannot cancel an order online.You would have to call.If there was any provision to click a button and cancel,would have been great.

Return Policy

This is one site,I haven't used the return policy yet,because I have been ordering from known brands and I quite liked the fit of all of them.However you can check their return policy here,it looks cool.

But what if I want all Avirates :)

I have been of late,waking up with the idea of what dress did I miss,I recently missed a deal of Avirate on Fashionara, a grey maxi dress which within a few hours wasn't my size.And knowing that I am a gal,I share information,but at the same time,I am skeptical if all Avirates would be gone because of my this blog post.

  I still have my eyes on this one in size 6 which currently shows not available :(..Well lets see... Love you all.

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  1. Happy birthday Dear :)

    1. Thanks Anjali :) And you have lovely blog with so many reviews wow!

  2. Happy Birthday.. You look lovely.. I'll also celebrate my 32nd Birthday this year and feels young about it.. Maybe 30s is a magical decade..

    1. Yeah Roohi,Dunno I somehow dun feel 32 at all.Time flies so fast :)

  3. Happy Birthday Anki!!!!

    Wishing you a great Birthday..... May each year pass by awesome memories touching you from every corner of the globe....
    Must say you are looking preety!!!! Party Hard....... Travel Harder.........

    Love, Purvi

    1. Thanks Purvi,aww those lovely wishes and compliments :) You made me smile..

  4. "Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be..."
    Happy birthday!


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