Myntra,Jabong,Koovs which is better?

Fashion Ecommerce Sites:Myntra,Jabong,Koovs which is better? Remember a few months back I wrote a post on my experience of Jabong and re...

Fashion Ecommerce Sites:Myntra,Jabong,Koovs which is better?

Remember a few months back I wrote a post on my experience of Jabong and recently Myntra. Since that was my first order,I was excited in the same way as first love.Except that my love for clothes is ever-lasting.In the last 3 months,I have shopped more online than offline.The reason being the most affordable rates possible for the same brands are seldom available on store,but the varieties online with discounts are fab.There are many new fun quirky brands which ain't available on store,but online.However with online shopping comes certain factors that I later realized I must have listened to or probably should have read of.It was in the back of my mind but still...

Rs 1255/- 2500

The important factor that separates one from another is the “THE RETURN POLICY”,“THE SERVICE”,“THE QUALITY” and “THE VARIETY”.Here the term “RETURN POLICY” means how convenient is it for users when they return,”THE SERVICE” means delivery and follow up,”THE QUALITY” means the texture and overall quality of clothes and “THE VARIETY” means number of options to choose from ,various designs that are cutting edge,discount and offers and different from each other.

I would give Myntra 10/10 for Service,9/10 for Quality,10/10 for return policy,8/10 for varieties.
I would give Jabong 8/10 on Service,9/10 on Variety,9/10 on return policy,8/10 on Quality
I would give Koovs 6/10 on Service,6/10 on Quality,5/10 on return policy,7/10 on Variety

The safest bet to buy from these sites is to order the brands which you are sure of fit wise and quality wise.The second option is order anything you like using the size chart on the sites,but be aware of the return policy of these sites,in case it doesn't fit or you didn't like it.Many of the items listed may have faulty size chart too.

 Most of these sites handle return policy differently.While Myntra gives option for refund via coupon or NEFT in your account,Jabong has initial option of choosing coupon which can be changed to NEFT on their confirmation of return mail,and Koovs provides just the coupon for future use.

 Sign Up Promo Offer

Most of these sites have sign up promotion offer.If you join as a newbie,you would see that “That the initial sign up amount says - Sign up and get Rs 1500 or Sign up and get Rs 500” etc.These promotion offer comes with their own terms and conditions.That means,if you thought an amount of Rs 1500 credit would be added to your account for any shopping of that amount,you are wrong. It comes with conditions like shop for Rs 999,get this much off.Shop for Rs 1999 get that much off.These initial promo offer is usually valid for a week.I haven’t yet used any of the sign up promo code because I find it just not worth to spend so much to get a discount which is as low as 10% or 20% or 200 or 300.Plus these start sign up codes are not valid on discounted items.

The Quality

Dress:Koovs Bodycon By Koovs
Rs 595

For me,I often am confused if quality is a top choice or variety is.Even for niche brands like Marks and Spencer on store what separate them from rest is the quality however most of M&S stuff is formal and non-flashy.With online stores,this becomes a major concern.What you might see in a picture,might be the design made on cheap quality textile.Plus as these are worn by models who are skinny online,you wouldn't know if that same thing will look as good on you as on them.I recently had a few purchases from Jabong which I didn't like quality wise,and had to return.Ditto for koovs. Though Myntra so far has been in my good books due to better quality items.I wish the other two sites had a system as quality check.Some in-house brands in these sites have amazing pictures but the quality is really low.Since the pictures posted are nice,they are often highly priced sold on discount during sale.I have ordered stuff worth Rs 2200 online on sale as Rs 600 but the quality was very “Sarojini Nagar” or “Lajpat Market”.Though I wouldn't advise that stop buying from these sites ,but just be aware of the return policies in case of these loopholes.

I request all fashion e-commerce sites to check the quality of the product vs. the price offered.It seems some of these sites do not do a basic quality check,and the product comes out to be of a cheap quality which mustn't be the case.I see back-reviews and etc after it is delivered on if we like the quality or the product but a pre-examination of them would help us buyers buy good quality products than products which looks good on screen.

With regards to color,some apparels have brightened color on screen but comes otherwise with a little color difference when delivered.So I have received stuff which were crimson pink on screen but a little darker baby pink on delivery.So that difference,yes on some items could be.So far,Myntra haven’t disappointed me on this angle.

With respect to improvement on quality,I have had issues with size chart on all three sites Myntra,Jabong,Koovs.Sometimes the hip size is updated exact as bust size which is ridiculous.Since size is one of the factors that inspires us to buy,a faulty size chart online is a big no no.

With regards to shoes,buy stuff on sale which you know will fit you.I highly advised branded ones.Because shoe size may not be same for all.My brother buys all his shoes online either through Jabong on Myntra whichever is cheaper and then orders; the same stuff he had left on store at the market.

The Variety 

Top and Shorts:Both Jabong
Top:Code By Jabong,Rs 330
Shorts:Miss Bennett By Jabong, Rs 351

 Myntra comes with little less designs than Jabong when it comes to the variety of products in Apparels.You may find many many brands on Myntra but when you compare the similar priced items to would find the other have some designs which are better.In fact,Koovs has a great range of the new trend of cuts ala Deepika Padukone or etc but the stock is less.When it comes to sizes,almost most brands have similar sizing fit as it available on store in the market.However,its best to check the size chart before checkout because mostly I order “M” but sometimes according to the size chart I order “S”.It is indeed good to have a measuring tape by your side :)

Without discounts,Koovs remains expensive than the other two.Myntra is stocking up with new associations with new brands so I see more and more variety lining up every time I log in.Both Jabong and Myntra have normal sales almost year around with Big sales during occasions like New Year,Christmas,Valentines,Weekends,etc etc.

The Service 

 Myntra has the best service of three.In fact so far,I have ordered so many things,never felt disappointed on this department.It’s easy refund policy as return,delivery within 1-2 days and even the delivery men who deliver seems to be well spoken and polite and understanding.For some of the products,they have swipe debit card/credit card on site with cash on delivery option.I am a huge fan of cash on delivery so like it.Also Myntra messages the delivery man’s number to you just in case if we want to get in touch.

Recently I got my first hiccup with Myntra when I ordered a product and the delivery came the next day for which I had requested previously on mail to deliver a day later as I would be unavailable on their date and time.Though the staff was immensely supportive,and consoled me that they make three delivery within 3 days.

I feel we must have an option to choose on date or an option to coordinate with courier guys.

 Both Jabong and Koovs use GoJavas.Courier wise,all three are good with Myntra being quickest of three.However with GoJavas,we do not get the message of delivery boy number.If we want to track our courier,we can track it by the tracking number on GoJavas site and request them to deliver it at our time or day.But indeed a call or a message should be included in these,as sometimes,we are not there at home when the delivery boy comes.Sometimes they call,sometimes they don’t.It’s always good to be aware of tentative time of delivery.They usually reattempt the delivery within next 24 hours.

 Both Myntra and Jabong have great customer care .Koovs always puts line on hold,which I felt isn't a good practice every time I called them up.They pick up phone after a while siting reasons as “line being busy” but it’s always busy!

The Return Policy 

 I found the return policy of Koovs the least user friendly of the three.Yes,they do pick up as the rest two.And the process too is similar that the packet and the tag needs to be intact,unused garments but then in Koovs you have to write the address and address it as return.They give you only credits for future use after their verification of the product.So there is no cash back as refunds on return.They also focus on getting a receipt back from the one who picks up.There is a form inside which you need to fill on why we are returning the product.You may have to call customer care because I didn't find any option as return in my Koovs account.Also I yet to receive my Koovs refund coupons and its already been a week of return,so I may need to follow up with them.

Koovs has the slowest return and pick-back.That itself is turning me off on buying from Koovs anymore.Plus the refund coupon.I feel its money on hold.They take almost more than a week to pick up then take almost a month of chase to refund coupon.It has happened with me not once but twice.Not a good practice.

 The return policy of Myntra is excellent.They ask reasons online in the form,and you can choose either NEFT or coupon when returning from your Myntra account.It’s a simple button which triggers it.And the whole process is complete.So someone comes and picks from your address,and after their verification the money is either transferred back or coupons are provided depending on what you chose.

 The return policy of Jabong is similar to Myntra but Myntra has the best of three.While returning from your account in Jabong,it isn’t asked if we want a NEFT Transfer.It comes in a form of a mail with voucher after you have triggered online the return.When clicking on the link in the mail,you can fill in the NEFT detail if you want an account transfer.You can alternatively call the customer care. 

More often,I generally toss between Myntra and Jabong for my shopping needs.I recently ordered a vero moda top from koovs and it was where the discount and size was available for the top I liked,but usually I am now avoiding Koovs for their service or rather lack of.

 I am yet to try Fashionara,ASOS,Indianroots and etc.But let’s see soon how these sites differ from each other.

 Have you ever shopped online,which is your best site?What do you think?

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  1. Great post!
    Am still trying to find my fav's online :)



    1. Thanks Ananya,I have decided.I am not buying from koovs anymore.Their return policy sucks.

  2. I second that regarding quality of products.
    Recently exchangd Proline jogger thrice at very own jabong and their custmr exec nt on same page in reply.
    They have two brand named as phosphorus and incult they completely exceptional.

  3. U r write about quality of product. Recently i exchanged jogger thrice at jabong.
    But they exceptional brand like phosphorus and incult.

  4. hey..great insights..
    i need an interview from you, some thing to do with "shopping behavior". Can you share your email address.

  5. koovs have great collection of western clothing. nowadays many online portal available with awesome collection. You can get more collection with different prices on some other websites. I got awesome stiletos at Etashee.

  6. Great article Ankita. Liked the valuable insights of yours with the online apparels. I also think Myntra wins the competition hands down and it's way ahead of the other two. But sometimes I wonder whether the manufacturer itself supplies same quality for both the offline store and online. I bought many things from myntra like shoes, bags, casuals, chinos, jeans and guess what I like the quality also. But always think whether the store'd have provided a better one at this price :) And as you've rightly talked about the problem we face- we don't find all the stores nearby nor all the products we want are stacked up there. I always try to find the solution for it and bring me a peace of mind :)


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