#FashionTrends:Global Desi,W,Fab India:Brands That Make Indian Fusion Hot

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                                                                    At the stroke of the midnight hour

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                                                                                India will be awake to

                                                                     Life and Freedom - Jawaharlal Nehru  

I browse fashion e-commerce sites everyday.I read papers and cut out sale ads.Yes I am that obsessive about clothes.I love the smell of new clothes.And the addiction of old clothes.So much I love browsing through them,that at one  time when online wasn't a rage,I would generally go into shops,and figure out whats new.Even high profile brands such as Westside and Shoppers stop,I could make out what stock is new,what is being added from the old,what can and cannot be improved yes that precise.I can even make out what's turning people off a a particular range of clothes or brand.So much so that Rutavi,a traveler,yesterday featured on NDTV good times for her adventure to Everest (watch the episode) told me you have such interest why don't you become a Fashion Travel Consultant.I haven't yet given it a thought.On a cool sip of tea,I just might some day.But as an intuitive sign,I have an innate ability to analyse.I love finding mistakes,gaps and forgetting them.Even if I watch a person from a distance,I can tell which brand,when was it released,and how can it make look better.I also can stitch my own clothes,and I haven't got a lesson.Its just what I am born with,rather my whole family is.I can analyse,think what can make a cloth like the way it is and boom! Stitch.

So coming back to fusion wear,lets just admit sometimes adding a touch of Indianans is so patriotic in its own way.Indian Fashion too as our mindsets have evolved.We have seen the change coming from housewives to independent women to even old aunties.I have seen change happening to my mom.I have seen fashion in the eyes of aunties who randomly would look at more colorful and poised at a club party.Now,age is just a number I say.With this interesting trend,came new fashion brands.Brands which we are going to talk about now.

/*Thankfully Jabong has adequate listing and the sale is going on,on some.So here we go with the links of all and the images!*/

At the end do let me know what do you think about 'the evolving India'


I love this brand.W has got a great fit.During my corporate years back in 2008-2009 and continuing it to 2010-2011,I almost survived on W.It's one brand that can make you simple yet elegant in whatever way you pair it with either Jeans,Leggings,add it as a dress.Back in those days,I was often spotted with W,not that I have any pictures of them now,but I really love this brand.It has come a long way.The fabric used is very good.So if though my old W clothes don't fit me anymore,I cry almost if I have to donate,because it looks almost new.

                                                                Brand Website : W For Woman
                                                                   Get It From : Jabong Here

In Jabong Here

                                                                                       In Jabong Here

                                                                         In Jabong here
Global Desi

I love the collection of Global Desi. They have modified the meaning of Indian wear keeping it as Indian but with a western twist.What I like about this brand they are quite experimental and in sync with the new gen.Jumpsuits,Dresses,Crop Tops if you want an hint of Indian-ness in them,this brand is what you must go for.I used to invest in global desi for spagetti kurtis , dresses..I love the colors in the brand.They just pop up with much love.

                                                                       In Jabong here
                                                                                  In Jabong Here

                                                        Pair it with a sari,it'll rock.In Jabong here

Fab India

This is one brand which was previously synonymous with a little lose fit,comfort wear kurtis skirts and etc.I remember the first time I got a sari for my mom-in-law was here.It was plain nice colors and elegant.

Fab India surprisingly has come a long long way.When I went to Israel,I had never thought I would check in Fab India Bangalore for skirts.I just randomly went in.But with new ads on papers and the collection which they now have,its a great sign of change,a pleasant drift.

                                                       FabIndia double layered skirt at FabIndia

                                                            FabIndia Dress at FabIndia

                                                         FabIndia Tops At FabIndia

Guys,no matter what people say 'I am very desi at heart'.I love India.I love the fact that we are slowly changing.I wouldn't have imagined myself to be born anywhere else,but here.I love the warmth here,the tenderness,the celebration.Yes,I travel countries and I love that activity too.Despite the fact,that there are so many things that hamper our image,there are these pretty little clothes that make us proud.Love.

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