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It was my first time at Jabong .I didn't know if I was doing the right thing.May be because It was my first time,or may be because buy...

It was my first time at Jabong.I didn't know if I was doing the right thing.May be because It was my first time,or may be because buying something I never try personally was not my idea of shopping.But the voice in me was assuring,I knew my pals wouldn't be shopping without reason.There's something in the site which is catching up real fast with the youth,and before I knew it,I was hooked to it.I thought to myself,even if I shop for myself or I do not today,my eyes are treated to a variety I can only imagine in Malls.

Or may be more.I didn't wanted to spend more,after all It was my first time.I had the same doubts "what if the size wouldn't fit,what if the pictures are deceptive,what if I do not like what I get etc etc.So with the meager 750 Rs budget,I started shopping at Jabong. The price scroll was convenient,I just had to put in 0-750 as my price range and voila the site opened up to almost 2k+ search results.Despite so many images at one go,the page load was fast.I expected it to be different,and I thought the clothes would be just regular.But the variety was surprising.Brands on discount or without discount were all in one page.I remember we had a option to check only the discounted products from a drop-down.

So as a first timer,I was impressed with the below listed factors:

Variety: Online shopping now has taken a completely different turn.Long gone are the days of only Ebay and Amazon,the Ecommerce portal like Jabong provides people like us a variety to shop just sitting at home.For each category,the variety was remarkable.Under each section,the size chart was described as S,M,L,XL with their respective dimensions.I chose to go safe.'M' is what usually fits me in Malls,so I went with M.I loved the cuts and shapes of some of the designs.Since Diwali is around the corner,I couldn't stop myself of thinking about Ethnic wear too..And voila! Here too the collection was great.

The portal however lacks varieties when it comes to Long Skirts,Printed Trousers,Heels,Accessories and Jumpsuits.I think they are yet to add on a few garments.I loved their collection of Bedsheets,Tops and Dresses.And so,I treated myself with the one that I liked most,the white jumpsuit on discount costing me just Rs 750.It fitted me perfectly.

Some of my favorite collection from the site are:

                                                                                                      To know more: Women's Clothing

Delivery: When I had ordered I got a mail saying the estimated time of delivery is 14 days.Since this was my first experience at any ecommerce portal,I thought 14 days is a little too much.And then when I got my dress in 2 days flat,I was jumping with joy.It all happened with a simple sms on my cellphone,your delivery is on its way.Later after consulting some of my friends,I got to know all ecommerce portals have time gap span which they quote to which they deliver is way faster than quoted.Since I had opted for Cash on Delivery,I paid the quoted price                                            to the vendor on arrival at my home.

Fitting: Ok,this was something I was a little paranoid about.If I don't try I wouldn't know is what kept coming in my mind constantly,but gladly the dress fitted perfectly,as if made for me.As if they knew my body type.So all in all I am happy..and that makes me another Jabong fan.

Have you tried Jabong before?How was your experience like?What would you like to suggest to them?

Experience the  "Great Online Shopping Festival in India 2013 " on Jabong.Hurry! Tempting offers on sale.

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  1. my experience was very bad website it looked different then what was originally delivered ....and the second item which i had ordered was out of stock and they did not even bother to inform and later after a week refunded back the money NO JABONG for me .....white dress suits u and u look cute :)

    1. Oh that's really sad to know..Luckily I didn't face such a thing so have nothing negative to write."Out of Stock" is really weird,anyways until great things happening to me,I wouldn't stop shopping here :).Yeah it does suit me na?I loved it tooo..

  2. Nice review. There are other stores too that provide wide range of products. You can browse through them from one common platform at our site.


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