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Oak Tree Road (Mini India in USA) in New Jersey is said to be the largest Indian business hub in America.  I took the local train from Pe...

Oak Tree Road (Mini India in USA) in New Jersey is said to be the largest Indian business hub in America. 

I took the local train from Penn station New Jersey and got down at Oak Tree Road where there are not only small boutiques but big shops including Meena Bazaar that we even have in Delhi. After browsing through plenty of Lehengas and Sari, my heart pinned down to a Lehenga gown in Blue which I would be wearing on one of the occasions. Meena Bazaar also recommended a tailor for alteration but since I would be in Delhi , I would rather get it done there. They even boxed my Lehenga saying that I could directly take it the way it is. The prices are expensive than how we get in India for, but that was something I had thought of already. My Lehenga gown is for $199 the cheapest of the stock.  Usually the prices range from $299 to $1500 and up but you can get stuff even for $100 at some stores for which the quality may not be as par.

Oak Tree Road might be a quick fix for Indian Brides who are getting married here or if you are attending an Indian Festival and do not have proper attire to wear. The whole street has a lot of shops - small as well as big ones that contain Indian Attires.  Some of the boutique shops really do contain very pretty dresses and saris. The food scene of this street is also great, do not forget to check out Bombay Talk where we love having Chaat. All in all, in the 2 hours that we got, we mainly walked past many shops and got into some, I would suggest taking a whole day out and leisurely checking the stock. When we went there, the end of season clearance sales were going on, so there were plenty discounts on rack rates but still it is expensive than India. If you are making your trip to India, it's best to buy there, however if not, you have got an alternative that even surpasses collection of California or New York.

If you are from US and love colorful Indian clothes to buy and desi food to try, this street is a handful. It has everything from Jewelry to Puja Items to Desi Food to Clothes to Grocery, its a great walk to take.

I mainly live in downtown of cities because both me and my hubby love to walk, he to his office and me taking a morning walk with him to his office. So, it has hardly been that we stayed in a surrounding with lots of Indians who celebrate festivals together or occasions together.  In fact, we stay in open spaces in close proximity to downtown just because we do not like commuting long distances by public transport / car and we enjoy walking more. Plus West New York is right next to New York and takes 10 minutes by Ferry, so I really do not have to think! So if you are in New Jersey / New York and wish to connect, do not forget to ping me at ankionthemove@gmail.com

Guys, this time, I am calling out for those girls who live in Delhi and know of any place to buy Lehengas, Lehenga Sari, Lehenga Gown in Delhi. I just have 3 days, after I land, and I sure want to look like a Star in Jaipur at my Brother in Laws wedding :) So shoot out your ideas in the comment box.

Collection from various shops of New Jersey at Oak Tree Road ->

The Exchange Place Path Station has the longest escalator I have seen!

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