Gujarati Skirt with Antique Kutch Embroidery

Ever since I moved to USA, the thing that I miss the most is the versatility Indian Ethnic Clothes bought back in India. When I was in Wi...

Ever since I moved to USA, the thing that I miss the most is the versatility Indian Ethnic Clothes bought back in India. When I was in Wisconsin, I usually bought Western Clothes. My mom said me once ‘Why don’t you get something from Indian Street, Chicago where they have loads of Indian Clothes if you crave it so much but there weren't any occasion to wear those either'. My search for US websites selling Indian Clothes also were in vain because I was unsure of which ones were genuine or worth the price.

5 months back, I moved to West New York, New Jersey and I can proudly say that we not only have an Indian Street that sells even Pan and Sugar Cane Juice we have a whole community that lives in Edison. Feb is the month when I would be attending a destination wedding in Jaipur in India and I am super excited for the first destination wedding I am ever attending. I also got one Lehenga Gown from Oak Tree Road New Jersey and rest I would be shopping in Delhi. 

Talking of which, I still couldn’t get this embroidered Skirt from my head ever since I came from India. I wore it even in US in Wisconsin on one of the festivals with a casual top which made many heads turn and many folks did ask me 'Where did you get this beautiful Skirt from' . The reason why I love Kutch so much, is that , I cannot return from there empty handed. I was planning to go to Gujarat this time as well, but with chaos on H1 visa, I am thinking if I should cut down my vacation from two months to two weeks because I have to apply for an extension here. You can check my posts on Gujarat here

Gujarat is home to such intricate embroidered clothes and the fact that it is hand embroidered makes each piece a different piece. No two pieces come out same. But the amount of work that goes in each piece makes it ramp ready and so the work from Gujarat is appreciated even in world of Fashion and are many times carried by Designers during ramp walks. I personally have checked some hi-end shops in New York where the prices of these embroidered Tops / Skirt ranges from $1000 and up.

 I did not venture into too far interiors of Kutch Gujarat but I have gone through the villages of Bujhodi and the flea markets of Ahmedabad and was in complete awe of them. Here's a basic simple step of Kutch embroidery:

Here are some videos from Gujarat, where they practice embroidery and art. Tourists primarily visit Bhuj to visit the tribal villages around the area. Each village has a distinctive style of embroidery along with other arts and crafts.

To people, who travel a lot to/in India, here are my tips on What to wear in India 

Between here’s my Kutchi Skirt:

I was in Patna, India when I wore this skirt
and I decided to keep it simple with a plain yellow top!
The Top is from Pantaloons
The Neckpiece is from Limeroad
The Skirt is thrifted from Ahmedabad
The Heels are from Inc 5

Wearing it in Wisconsin, USA

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