Review: When I Got The Vintage Wood-Like Frame Eyeglasses

There aren’t many brands that experiment with glasses or prescription sunglasses . When it comes to completing your look with something dif...

There aren’t many brands that experiment with glasses or prescription sunglasses. When it comes to completing your look with something different, makes these great glasses frames that not only can you try online on their website by uploading your picture but can get them in quite an affordable range.

So in the quest of searching for round glasses that makes me look like a nerd, I saw these woody looking glasses called Gloversville Round. It comes in three shades Black/Brown, Black/Yellow and Black.These round glasses are perfectly suitable in winter. The wood-like frame is both of vintage look and wears wonderfully. The keyhole cutout on the bridge keeps them distinguished.

When GlassesShop glasses arrived in neatly packed sunglass box with wiping tissue, I was super excited to check them. The quality of these glasses is very good. One can also choose lens type when ordering these lenses. For example, they come in three types:

SINGLE VISION These are the most basic types of lenses and have only one magnification throughout the entire lens. They can be processed for Distance (to see Far), Reading (to see Near) or for Computer Work (Intermediate).

MULTIFOCAL Multifocal eyeglasses correct both near sightedness and far sightedness. For example, one uses these lenses to switch easily between reading a book and watching TV.

FASHION For people who don't need a prescription lens, there are three types of fashion frames- Frame only (No lens), Fashion Eyeglasses that include a clear plain lens (Plano) and fashion sunglasses

I also love how the round glasses frame of the glass hides my dark circles. Excessive usage of computers and phone specifically is creating dark circles around my eyes and with the glasses on, I feel that I could hide them very well. Next time probably I will order the single vision, although I have been ordering Fashion.

GlassesShop contains wide variety of sunglasses including Cat - Eye, Turquoise, Clip ons and their collection is huge.

So guys, we are running a special coupon code for my readers on Styleonthemove for GlassesShop and that is GSHOT50. This code means you guys can have 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded).

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