The Spring Charmers With Rangrage And Dressberry:America

                                                                                  Spring is nature's way of saying            ...

                                                                                 Spring is nature's way of saying

                                                                               'Let's Party!'  By Robin Williams

                                                         I want to do what Spring does to the Cherry Trees

                                                              To draw,to fill,to paint,to inspire,to wear

Last week we, 'on a random sip of virtual coffee' talked about Hand - Painted Art in Life By Gagan and Neeti At Rangrage,how travel was an inspiration for them and how they encourage women with an inclination to take part and paint the beautiful T-shirts,Jeans,Bags.A few posts earlier we chatted about how Myntra has changed the way we look at shopping.Here's teaming up a fab T-shirt from Rangrage(Rs 1199,$18)  and shorts from Dressberry Myntra(Rs 1000,$15).

                               Freedom is a matter of choice @ Veteran's Park Milwaukee

When Internet say Milwaukee is a city of high crimes,I would say its a beautiful place.So quiet that even my small humm would be heard,a sign would be felt.It was the first time when I literally packed my suitcase and moved to US,for good 6 months or may be more as my beau shifted.Should be writing about it sooner than you could think of on Ankionthemove! De-rooting and settling at a different place than what you are used to,can bring a lot of change.Changes you might happily adjust with or changes you wouldn't know about prior.That includes changes in food or preferences.Although I have been on wheels throughout my life,this change is different than that change or different than backpacking.

But what I couldn't leave behind there

Were the beautiful clothes from #India and the Flash Sales online.

I am so in love with them,that leaving behind would have felt like a long parting.Let me tell you the stuff we get in India these days,are equally good and very fairly priced.

And no,as many NRI's do think,India is just not the land of snake charmers.We,as everyone else have moved on.

But Let's talk about Spring in US for now...


                                                     The T-Shirt I am wearing,you can find it here

 US Makes me think of everything huge! Huge lakes,onions,gardens and all of them beautiful and with these hand painted swans I feel in sync,completely.

 With Milwaukee being so beautiful,I wish to work for Milwaukee Tourism someday :) , if given a chance.

What I am wearing is Neha's work of Art at Rangrage and the tag contains the story

              Golden Gladiators: Rajouri Garden Market,West Delhi(Rs 1500)
#excuseme for no thigh gap! I have been gorging on home made paranthas for a month 
and the chubbiness that you see is all the love poured in,in Delhi,Gujarat and Patna.

Now Bag These Fab Tshirts at Rs 500 off on Summer Sale at Rangrage.So isn't that wow!

Myntra too has recently gone APP only,which is also very very convenient,read my story on SitaKaSwayamwar #ItsPersonal here

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  1. Beautiful pics Ankita :)

    1. Thanks Anjali :) and you have got a lovely name of your blog and pretty useful stuff!

  2. I came here only to see your pictures, nothing else. :-)

    You look ravishing.

    1. Thanks Nisha I know :) You compliments always make me so happy..I wish we could meet very soon !


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