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As I entered into one of the beauty shops in Patna for my favorite shade of Nail Paint,I was dressed in a Skirt and a Top with my new Green...

As I entered into one of the beauty shops in Patna for my favorite shade of Nail Paint,I was dressed in a Skirt and a Top with my new Green Necklace.It would be an understatement to say how it turned heads of two Sales gal who initially discussed among themselves then found courage to speak up ‘That Neck piece is wow’ and as the conversation followed deeply ‘ I said this ones just for Rs 139’ .As my mom forced me to hush on quoting up the price,I said I got it by shopping online on,its much cheaper there.They seemed confused on ‘Is that a new store’ but no,seriously,the joke doesn't end here.

                    I bought this 'Funky Green Piece' for Rs 139/- + Rs 69 as shipping,you can too from here as every fashion site is an commerce site with a difference.The difference begins from the start up signing up message as ‘Discover Style For Life’ to ‘Whats Trending’.The trending section takes you to 3000+ styles that are pre-recommended by either users like you and me or lime road.The beauty of these looks are,if you want to be a beach baby or prefer to enjoy little things in life or you have any theme in mind these pages are named,they are themed and they contain all possible combinations you would know of.So many that watching them scrolling down is pleasantly time taking but heavenly.It reminds me of cut outs from fashion magazines that even now have section of combinations that comprises of apparels that goes with footwear that goes with earrings that may go with possibly red lipstick. is like someone’s dressing you virtually right here..

 The section ‘Style Council’ contains recommendations and scrapbooks from Fashion bloggers to singers to Athletes to diva ‘Neha Dhupia’.These scrapbooks contains combinations of Looks to try.Rush Hour contains what’s trending and who bought what at the best prices making your choices damn easy.I love the overall look and feel of the site with most of the things at price you wouldn't have even thought of.Scrolling through various sections can get you a real steal.


 So,when gave me a coupon of Rs 500,I wasn't so sure how many things I’d be able to get in the amount which in today’s date is swift expense.I wasn't even sure if It would be delivered in time and yes ! I was surprised in both. Creating a profile in Limeroad is easy and so is liking and sharing.The second best part is as everyone else you can create your scrapbook with the combination you’d love to wear.First 5 friends who join you would add 100 LR credits to your account.

Surprisingly the quality of both the products is good! Yey.

         I bought this top for Rs 399 + free shipping,You can too here
 It comes in various colors

 The LimeRoad community posted more than 1.5m style statements as “scrapbooks” last month alone, with per day postings reaching 100,000+, achieving 100x growth in less than a year.

 The LimeRoad Scrapbook is becoming an exciting tool that lets users mix and match products to create fashion looks. Today, they have a community of 30,000+ scrapbookers who come from 22 states & 138 big and small cities of India.

Check out bags,they are awesome.To view this one,click here

 Limeroad has some amazing collection of Tops,Accessories,Bags and Bottom wear at an incredibly reasonable prices.The delivery is quick and arrives in a bright lemony green package. Limeroad also claims of easy returns which I haven’t tried because I really liked what I bought but for those who are new: ; It states that the product is returned within 15 days.

 All in all I am pretty much impressed with the site and convinced that it’s a new way to look at wardrobe organization or organized style.It’s interesting how now everything can be done on one click: Oh yes! Limeroad is easily accessible from internet on your phone or as an app and doesn't take time to explore looks one by one.

You can download app from here,its much easier to browse and very user friendly and has free shipping.

That makes shopping online all the more delicious.

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