RangRage: Hand-Painted Art In Life By Gagan And Neeti : Interview

                                                                                                           Indian-ness Galore at Rangra...

                                                           Indian-ness Galore at Rangrage
                 In the picture:Me carrying hand painted 'very artistic and very Indian' Sling Bag

1) What was the idea behind Rang Rage and what inspired you to take up art to the mainstream Apparel industry? 

 The inspiration for a brand like Rang Rage had to be born at the Mecca of fashion – Paris. While marveling at the beauty of Eiffel Tower, I felt several pairs of eyes on me. As it turned out, every tourist found the hand-printed design on my denim pretty curious. Who knew that my wife Neeti’s slight touch of art would trigger an idea that would eventually become Rang Rage! Rang Rage, through its unique business endeavor, supports artists all across India and spreads the aesthetic love.

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2) Are each piece different? If handmade, are these done by local artisans? 

 Yes, each piece is individually hand-painted. Rang Rage has a team of core artists and designers who work on product development along with a large base of freelance painters who work with us as-and-when an order comes. Rang Rage takes pride in this team of artists that comprises housewives, art students, teachers and even film poster painters. We train them to create we are happy to create a social impact through a business enterprise that is guaranteed to serve only exclusivity to our customers.

Vibhuti paints this beaautiful bag that I now have
And with due credits her work is applauded by Rangrage.
Wanna be the next Rangrage artist,if you are the one who survive on diet staple of art

3) What are your plans for future? 

 We are developing more product categories like Jewelry, furniture, footwear etc. Our future plan also includes international expansion and opening our own stores.

4) Do you by any chance intend it to expand it to footwear? 

 Yes, In couple of months. We are currently developing designs for Leather and canvas shoes for both Women and Men.

5) A little about your backgrounds and how challenging was the journey? 

Gagan and Neeti:The 'Key Couple' behind Rangrage.

 I have played a key role in setting up operations for couple of startups like Moneysaver (Now Snapdeal) and Mad (e) In India. I have also worked with Global companies including Landmark Group, The Times of India Group, Globus, etc. I was honored as ‘50 Most Talented Retail Professionals of India-2014’ by Asian Retail Congress. I have authored a book “The Startup Diaries” with my wife Neeti Jain.

                                                      First Handpainted Denim At Paris Award Ceremony 

                                             Honored as ‘50 Most Talented Retail Professionals of India-2014’

We have faced lot of issue while working for Rang Rage. The idea of Hand-painting raises concerns like consistency, Scalability and availability of painters etc. Building a social business model is challenging, everybody doubts that how this will be profitable and sustainable. However, the journey till date is very exciting and satisfying one. We are confident of building a great and unique business where we can support large no of people , while offering great products to our customers profitably.

Ankionthemove wishes you all the very best! Love your art...Dil se.

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