Just A Small Town Girl: #Aftershock Diary #Patna #Earthquake

                                                           I grew up where I could see the stars                                         ...

                                                           I grew up where I could see the stars

                                                         Walking up the hillock in the morning

                                                        The Places changed,The Transfers smiled

                                                                But I am just a small town girl

                                                                       That's all I'll ever be

                                                                   And That's how I like it to be.

 #Patna a day before Pre-shock when Mom and me took a stroll in the malls and randomly got our pictures clicked in Central on their request.

Place in Picture: Central Mall,Patna

Top: And India
Skirt: Gujarat
Neckpiece: Limeroad(Review coming soon)

A day after,The earthquakes have been shocking.Two major shocks,7 #Aftershocks.I wake up feeling disoriented.Is the bed still moving?Is the floor still moving?I feel I am hallucinating.As many who are experiencing this live in #Patna,I have headache and the constant feeling of movement.The first one jolted everyone terribly.It felt the floor beneath moved,something similar happened today #mixed feelings.The mini aftershocks too had the power to move beds and chairs.. I pray and rely on your prayers.All is well.

The edge of two homes collide #patna #aftershocks Can you spot a little tilt in the right ...
According to locals,the two buildings were separated by considerable gap.
This was the one right next to my neighbourhood.

                                       But no matter,life goes on...no damage at our end #happyendings

                                More than 2500 feared dead in Nepal,47 dead in Bihar 113 injured #wepray.

 Haven't been to Bihar before,watch this as I take you to interiors of Bihar on my popular Travel And Adventure Blog Ankionthemove.

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  1. This has been a devastating tragedy. I hope the hearts and lives of everyone affected may heal soon...
    As for your post, that's a lovely pic with your mom, Ankita. :) You have a beautifully radiant smile!

    1. Thanks Yearful-of-sundays.I know its been sad as well as shocking to hear and see the visuals.Must have been traumatic for those who are there.I wish they recover soon.And lovely compliment by the way :)

  2. Very sad to know about the devastation in Nepal, hope they can recover out of the tragedy soon.


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