Ecommerce: The Bad And The Ugly

A little while ago I was randomly reading through one of the posts of a fashion blogger where she had mentioned about Street Style Store ...

A little while ago I was randomly reading through one of the posts of a fashion blogger where she had mentioned about Street Style Store.Impressed with the collection and the price,I was about to order and even recommend it to my friends.

Pretty shoes,Ugly Service

Just Then.I read many customer feedbacks.And I was aghast.

Many of them were so disappointed they had threatened to file a legal case or write to consumer court.

How could the delivery be delayed for months.How could the team be non-responsive to the customers wooing them with stuff which are affordable and stylish yet takes forever to get them. Are we living in the world were internet seems to be crashing down?

With stories of sad services by Jet Airways in crisis,with services of Flipkart and Chroma being questioned,with debates on if the model is profitable at all.We still have some players going strong.Till now,I haven’t been disappointed with Myntra and Jabong.But tomorrow we never know.

Every ecommerce site today want to venture in all directions including clothes to accessories to travel to shoes to electronics making it a mixed bag.The customer is left confused.

This is what one of my friend (shocked with stone inside) got when he ordered Samsung Galaxy S6 from FlipKart today.  

The government should regulate a system which checks the credibility of such upcoming ecommerce sites as well as online vendors and must do a site check or take an urgent action.I am not sure how effective consumer courts are..

The expansion of some of these sites were unplanned.And hence a huge gap on the resources that make services top class.The boom has been phenomenal.

There have been cases where the stuff has been mentioned delivered but it was still in transit.There have been cases where delivery boy would come at 8pm,and write back as the person not available or come on Sundays without prior call. Do they expect us to be home all around the day.Sometimes its not possible.

Internet is huge.Anyone today can open an ecommerce page.While it may be a huge boost for individuals or groups who want genuinely to spread their wings,there is huge scope to be duped or someone taking advantage of no-regulatory system.

The problem is while the ecommerce sites treat this is as just an occasional mistake, from their end,the fact is if the customer's choice of goods is pre-paid it need not necessarily mean they must be done away with.Responsibility starts when each and every product is taken care of.

 An ecommerce site must be meant to be friendly.While cash on delivery is my favourite,sometimes I jitter with one msg I’d get,the delivery was unsuccessful as I might have been in my neighbours place and no one called up.That’s ridiculous and sometimes irritates me.

As a blogger,we always get to view the bright side of things.But when you'd order as a commoner,you'd know the perils which the ordinary have to face.

The recent case of Jet Airways attitude towards their customers on refunds while diverting and cancelling the route was indifferent.I have faced something similar with Kingfisher when it was running years back.While many ecommerce travel sites mention cancellation policy,it need not follow the same when the flight gets cancelled or unnecessarily delayed for hours.A reputed aggregate portal refused to refund my airline tickets on account that it wasn't their mistake while the airline claimed that the message wasn't sent across in time.

When will this change?

 With new sites popping up daily,with less reviews about them online,it gets difficult to have our last word or know if the sites are worth trusting.After all each one of us shop our heart out,and sometimes when these happen our trust is shaken.. Things need to be put in place,I hope someone’s reading..

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