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Me making my first clay pot in Pottery Class, The Native Village near Bangalore Me and my mom used to be a big fan of Westside when ...

Me making my first clay pot in Pottery Class, The Native Village near Bangalore

Me and my mom used to be a big fan of Westside when we were living in Kolkata about 7-8 years back. We would go solely to the store to grab our own piece of Kurta to pair it up with jeans. We used to mainly go there because the prices used to be very very reasonable Rs 299, 399 for kurtis , Rs 399 +  for dress and etc compared to other brands and the stuff very decent. 

This dress of all the collection that I have stocked up in past many years is one of my favorite. It isn't any flimsy color block dress, its a dress with a colors and a silver border and the material of it is very silk like. I wish they start making more like them like how it used to be once when they would come up with new creations and designs.

When they come up with gorgeous pieces of fusion like these once in a while, I start loving them all over again.

However, over the years I have seen them growing up to be huge on simplistic and youthful. They have many in-house brands as well. Nuon seems to be one of them that targets basically teens and mid 20's.  Bombay Paisley is a fusion of Indian inspired bohemian prints and etc.Gia is for plus sizes. Zuba is for sophisticated Indian hand woven fabrics and etc and etc and etc.

This classification has contributed to increase in price making it no less than the average Kurti rates we get in market with other brands. I.e Kurti for Rs 699, 799 etc making it no longer the most affordable in the market. And that's sad news for consumer like us.

Taking of which, sometimes reviving a trend may need a complete makeover or a overhaul. As a person when I buy stuff, I would often compare, why not get it from Fab India or pantaloons or shoppers stop if the rates are same overall. Why not get it from Max which offers affordable wear? Why would I invest my penny in something that offers the same as it used to years back but with double the price.

Now, obviously I have been oblivious of insiders story. They may have their own budgets, the inflation and etc etc.

As a newcomer, you may still like it.
But as a trusted customer, I tend to think.

In fact, when online is huge, if Westside launches an online store in parallel to their on store stuff, 
People might be attracted like honeybees, there stuff is still good when you happen to browse through it, pretty decent stuff. The collection of NUON tends to gravitate towards trendy however the fabric sometimes used is very thin which doesn't make it my all time favorite.Although I have bought a lot of NUON's in its all glory. 

For me this dress worked and its still working, its an oldie goldie. And this is from one of the vacation we took to Native Village Bangalore .The Native Village reviewed on my blog Ankionthemove is a great place to unwind.  We played Gilli Danda, Fly Kites, rode a bullock cart and even made pots in pottery class.

Dress: Westside , Rs 599
Place in Picture: The Native Village, Bangalore

Have you bought anything from Westside? How do you like their stuff?

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