This Winter, It's All About The Sweater Dress!

Many folks hesitate to wear Dresses during winters because it’s cold and we can’t imagine us going without the layers of clothing that ca...

Many folks hesitate to wear Dresses during winters because it’s cold and we can’t imagine us going without the layers of clothing that can keep us cozy and warm!!! My choices of winter wear has always been very limited - an inner thermal, a sweater and a jacket and I am good to go. Sometimes it becomes like my daily staple wear until I get bored of it and then I try to hunt for any other warm clothing that I may have in my closet.

Love this Sweater Dress? You can get it here ;
Love the Hat? I got it in one of the boutique store in Cold Spring, NY ; Cold Spring is mecca for antiques and accessories.

So, I have always treasured the idea of Sweater Dress in my mind but I had always given up thinking “Nah, bare legs”. That might be a little too much. And then I realized, even in winters not everyday the temperatures are same. Sometimes, its extremely cold and in those days, you may need extra layering but it wouldn’t hurt to top my sweater dress with a pair of leggings. And when temperatures are moderately wintery I could easily carry it with just my boots! And so Sweater Dress is also a very versatile wear - you can wear in spring, winter and fall!

When I found this Sweater Dress by Tobi, I fell in love with the color and the design. The sleeves would gently brush past my hands and on days, when I am not wearing gloves, I can form a cushiony sweatery wrap around my fingers with it. When I wear this Sweater Dress, my hubby calls me mature because I look like one! He anyways doesn’t like me wear super clingy stuff and he feels that the room that this gives, makes me look fuller. In case, if you want to go for more form fit when you wearing it alone, you may need to size down.

For me, I actually love it the way it is! I’ll just pen down 6 ways you can wear one:

                                                         Boots : Bandalino, Macys

1. On top of a grey Sweater Dress like I am wearing, you can pair it up bright accessories that would look super cool. Pearled neckpiece would look absolutely great. avoid pairing it with a shawl because look how great the neckline and the cut sleeves are :) I wouldn’t want to hide them !

2. Pair it with a colorful hat like the red one I am wearing. It adds a touch of grace to the overall look.

3. If its colder than usual, Pair it with sheer black leggings or nude leggings to complete the look.

4. Pair it up with high boots. The best would be the boots that goes above the knee. Black, Brown and Red would go great with the color of the dress.

5. If you feel that you need to add more fit into it, top it up with a broad belt.

6. And last but not the least, if its extremely cold, keep a coat or an extra wrap sweater handy, and cover!!!

So let’s grab some hot chocolate for the winters and enjoy it in Style.

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