Camo Fashion Trend: How to Wear Camouflage Pants

Camouflage has infiltrated the fashion trend in the recent years and I can’t rave any less about its versatility. I have had always liked...

Camouflage has infiltrated the fashion trend in the recent years and I can’t rave any less about its versatility. I have had always liked the Camo print and even though I have had owned sparingly a few over the years, now I have a couple of them in camo in the last couple of years - a camo dress, a camo jacket and camo sweatpants. I love the Sweatpants because its winters and it looks super cool when I wear them. The one shown in picture is Camo Sweatpants by Tobi.

Show off Sweatpants by Tobi, link here

With the weather touching two-digit negatives on the East coast of USA this week which by the way is colder than coldest. I don’t remember we had sane degrees this whole week and so even though, I was in my cozy bed the entire time, twice this week I was brave enough to get my Cycle out to ride on the Hudson riverfront. Alas! It was cold but my Sweatpants teamed down with the thermal liner inside kept me warm. I wore these even in the vacation to Lake Placid, this holiday season in December when the temperatures plummeted to -22 degrees.

So, let’s begin with sharing 6 ways on how can we pair the type of Camouflage Pants I am wearing:

1. Go traditional colors: White and Black goes great with Green Camouflage Pants. Grey also goes well. I like it more when I am wearing the top which has a good fit to compliment with Camo bottoms. Crisp white shirt also goes very well with Camo. Experimental folks can try colors such as Red, Baby Pink, Navy Blue etc.

2. Don’t mix Camo with Camo: Unless you want to look like a soldier or an alpha male, Camo with Camo can prove to be a no no in most cases where you are going out Casually.

3. Go crop top or off the shoulder: Since off the shoulder has been in trends for some time now, let’s pair them with Camo pants. Crop top also will go very well with Camo Pants.

4. Don’t mix animal prints with Camo: They just would not gel together in most cases so don’t. Also in most cases any prints won't go very well with Camo so keep the pairing plain and simple.

5. Layer with a shrug: You can layer it with a light sweater shrug to add onto the look.

6. Accessorize: Bold statement accessories would go very well with Camo.

Do you own Camo Pants? If yes, do share how would you like to pair up with?

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