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“I was hooked to their ever changing collection and one day got myself one dress to wear for Oktoberfest New York ! I was pleasantly ...

“I was hooked to their ever changing collection and one day got myself one dress to wear for Oktoberfest New York ! I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and the style I bought and I thought, hey - Now I got a new Online Shopping website to shop from and that’s awesome”

Oktoberfest and Smogasburg in NYC! To know more about New York click here

Till the past few months, I was very wary about buying stuff from online websites that wasn’t reputed brands. And why not! We have heard of scams and cheap materials and despite me being the experimental types, I have had few misses in this department especially when I order from eBay. I mean its a mixed bag - I have landed with genuine Victoria Secret way less on eBay and got them which I still love but I have also got those filthy cheap cushions that looked great online! Recently I saw an ad of “Michelle Obama” aging cream that came up with a story that they have launched a brand and one can sample it and as I was tempted to click on the link and buy it, I read couple of reviews saying that was fake. So I stopped myself.

Yes, that scam shit happens. But not all the time.

So my hesitance towards trying a new website was understandable. I don’t exactly remember how I landed myself to the first time. All I remember was I was browsing on Zara and one of their dresses was Sold out. So I had typed in “Gingham” (the Checks that are trending right now) and found myself on SheIn that had loads of variety for the Style. I was enamored by their collection based on how they looked online but I didn’t know if I can trust them.

“Because certain things online look better than in real life. An illusion can easily be made real there”

A doubt many of you might be having right now..

“This , by the way, is not a sponsored post by any means. I bought my own stuff.. and I am planning for some more because I love their stuff. I wouldn't mind collaborating with them too!”

Is inspired by High End brands?

Yes in a way. As I was browsing through their collection, I felt many of their collections were inspired from High end brands (Zara, Nordstrom Rack and the likes) with a few alterations here and there or none. Which is great, because the prices are unbeatable.

Sometimes what you can’t find on these High end brands or can’t afford(which is often!) or is Sold out you can find similar items right there!

As a matter of fact, whoever sells it, does not matter to us, but what matter to us is, how good it is going to look on us and which is the brand that we can rely on! fills in that gap of bringing consolidated Style that is inspired from many brands around the world and I like it! I think they watch trends very closely..”

What can you buy from

It was Oktoberfest in October in New York and I had nothing to wear. I wanted to wear something that could look German but not at the same time traditional German. I wanted it to look more progressive that I can even wear daily because Gingham is in style. And so after browsing through Shein and gorging on those gorgeous Style I was so tempted to buy all at once, I chose this one out of need. I had no expectations on how it would turn out to be but I read reviews on the bottom of it and they were positive! So I thought why not!

Love this pretty pretty dress.. Got them with two cherries ;) but I love it more without them..

Tip 1: Read reviews on ; That will make you buy better stuff out there..

Tip 2: Go through the Size Chart on each dress. I recently observed that apparels have different size chart and not one uniform size chart, which is awesome. I bought a S size for my dress, usually I wear M on H&M or Zara.

        I also found the description to be very helpful - specially the Season and Fabric information

Tip 3: If someone has mentioned on the material of the dress and the fit, note that observation and then make a decision! Some people also upload their pictures along with the review, that can give you a fair idea :)

Tip 4: I have also observed, where customers are not satisfied and have written reviews - had actually addressed them on their counter reply - whether they are sorry or willing to improve etc. I also loved their chat feature where you can live chat for Online Help (There are some FAQ's there, but also has a chat feature). I found that to be very helpful to me!

"Their customer service on Online Help rocks!"

Tip 5: The quality is like of Forever 21. Sometimes there are great quality, sometimes it depends. The one that I have is awesome quality - its stretchy material, its soft and its not see through. Completely satisfied.

Tip 6: The pricing is definitely a plus on You would find many many stuff way way lower than you find on High end brands.

"I like the concept of now not having to lose out due to high price points"

Tip 7: Watch out for discounts on website and discounted email notifications! They have many. Right now they have Black Friday deals going on (Upto 75%, Buy 1 Get 1 etc).. They also have 10% off when you register with them. They give you a coupon code..

How is the shipping?

The last time I got something from a website that I never knew about, it took ages to deliver - about 30 days and by the time it arrived, It was test on my patience. Because first of all it took forever and second the quality wasn’t great too! And with time, I have outgrown my tendency to unnecessarily be anxious so with this I did not had huge expectations because I did not know about it. I just went with the flow.

Tip 8: “The shipping is free! You gotta wait but not as long..”

The whole process of adding an item to cart to ordering them didn’t feel to me as fake. They had shipping options - such as free standard, expedited (+$2 for free returns) etc etc. So as soon as I ordered with free shipping - I got a mail on my payment confirmation and tracking number. I also got a mail where it said - the order had been shipped and it said it will take 4-7 business days to arrive. And I was waiting and it arrived on time..

I think it arrived on time and I was like wow! Great.

"The fact that SheIn does not have a minimum for Free Shipping is super. A lot of times in the past I ended up paying like $6 extra for shipping for a dress of $10 on other sites which sucks! H&M has $40 minimum and Nordstrom & Macys have even higher minimum."

Tip 9 : Even though I was not expecting, the site actually is comparable to online sites of those regular and high end brands. They have their systems in place. And many bloggers actually use them!

Tip : Image Gallery with Top Picks and Categories can act as style inspiration.

You can browse and click on the picture to shop the look :)

"Now that they are popular, a lot of their apparels does get sold out fast! But they keep refreshing with the new Styles. So another tip would be if you like something, get them then and there. Tomorrow may be late"

What's with the return policy!

Luckily, I just bought one dress and I never got a chance to return because I loved it so. I popped its cherries because to me they were very kid-like - although my husband said they look good - I didn’t personally wanted them! I haven’t yet registered with SheIn but I plan to do so soon because It’s just so tempting…

Just today morning I woke up and wanted a new Dress - a Knitwear or Sweater dress (they are so expensive Store wide elsewhere its like gold cookies in jar) or a cosy pullover may be for the cold weather!!!

Tip 10: Once you register with your details and start buying , you get SheIn points. They also give points when you review them or complete your profile. These points can be used with your future purchases. Here's how to redeem your points, click here

With returns , they have insurance (where you pay $2.99 more) and you get free returns. I think they have return period of 60 days.. But I have never experienced the return process so can’t say much.

Here's how to return SheIn products, click here

Hopefully I never have to return any :)

That was my review on; Have you ever bought anything from SheIn… How has your experience been?

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