How to rock one sided ruffle tops | review

A chic option for the summers, one sided ruffled tops is what everyone’s going after these days. They are trendy, look great on you and c...

A chic option for the summers, one sided ruffled tops is what everyone’s going after these days. They are trendy, look great on you and can be casually paired with shorts or jeans. No one would believe when I say back in India, that temperatures in New york can go as high as in India during summers and what I am looking for these days, is something which gives me room for movement and not create a home to my own sweat (ghastly right!)

When It was winters, I was praying it gets hot!
And now when its hot, I pray it gets cold :)

Thats the irony of New York summers. Anyways, one fine morning another fashion blogger from India named “Nithya David” and me decided to head to Central Park, randomly to take each others shot. Just the other day, I had received a parcel from with outfits of my choice to review them. Central Park during summers acts as god with trees that gives you shade. So we thought , we will head to the most popular spot on the west end, - the bethesda fountain! But it was one of those few days, when shooting was taking place and terrace was pre-occupied for quite a while! We hovered around, managed to click some pictures and finally walked around to find another great spot. This was by some waterbody.

The lighting wasn’t perfect, but the ambience was. I could have replaced my white shorts with regular blue jeans but it was hot and I am someone who can wear a spaghetti top and shorts all summers to beat the heat!

Since stripes are so in and one sided shoulder tops, I loved this one and had quickly ordered them. The prices online was very reasonable. It takes time for them to deliver about a month, but the products send are good. I had ordered them based on the size chart on their website. I would be wearing them again. One of my friend said, she saw something similar in a high end brand, and all I could say was - this was just $7.

Talking of summers, since that day of our shoot, I decided I have to get my hair short. No, I did not despised my hair, it was nice and flowy with natural layers but the length was getting annoying with the sweat and the usual ponytail I’d keep all the time. And so I got it chopped in a hair salon(would review soon) and voila there I was new me! But now, I sometimes miss my old hair and I sometimes wish if the growth can be quickened to show it off during winters may be with use of hair extensions.

But hey, wouldn’t you want to have a look to what I am wearing. Do not forget to tell me your opinion on how you feel the top is!

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