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Like random petals on my shoulder, my heart these days goes towards what it wants voluntarily. It does not succumb to my over thinking min...

Like random petals on my shoulder, my heart these days goes towards what it wants voluntarily. It does not succumb to my over thinking mind and does not listen to naysayers. It paves path for me in premonitions, dreams and intuitions. Who needs science to prove the reality when everyday the fantasy is live playing in my routine like a musical duet. I cannot control it so I wait and watch like a dream. The numbers and name keep repeating everyday as if Cinderella forgot her shoes heart somewhere!

I hush my smile within. I blush often. Silencing my heart lest the walls listen, lest the clocks move. But what is alarming is not the freezing clocks or names that appear, it is in belief that it was meant to be. Everything was. The path may be long but my never ending endearing heart says it to listen. 

Listen to heart beats of today to create magic of tomorrow.

Call me crazy, but my heart craves for Zara these days. And Dark Chocolates. And study of Human emotions. And Self-reflection. And goals Long term, Short term, Fizzled, a clear Head space and even clearer direction of Heart!

I was born where I was made to believe that the choices we have are the choices we must adjust to live with. And that is life. And that is True love. Two people start living together and hence fall in love. But I always believed that if that is love, then what is Falling in love? That must be care, mutual understanding, liking or even to some extent love. But to me, Love always was an unknown spark that does not need words, it flows through eyes. And that is how Dog's talk isn't it, they do not have to talk. They know. Humans make it more complicated. 

"We do not rely on the magic, we rely on our muddled mind to create alternative realities."

 Thinking back, I think the decisions I have made by heart and just heart was where it lead me to utmost happiness, no matter what the consequences. I fought for it long enough to create life that I have now. And today, I don’t feel Bollywood is unreal, the stories that they have are very much part of our life, sans the song, else why would we watch them. We surely connect more than we get entertained.. And if not, why do we listen to the songs again and again as if It just sings our own emotion loud and clear, some left unsaid within us and some to inspire or relate to us.

And hence, every time I think back, I see myself as an audience to my own movie. 

The layers, the villains, the humans, the lovers, the family, the emotions, the sacrifice, the feelings, the vulnerability, the fragility, the everything. So raw, so pious. In layers of our own heart that we peel are own stories needing to be told. May be someday I'll write a book drowning myself in human emotions - mine and others.

The beauty of all this is the more we try to control life, God put on the brakes and say to us "No", let me drive because I know a better way. He is divine, he exists in our own selves.

My utter fascination for Zara started few months ago. I have always liked it but when they were on clearance sales. This time when fiddling with many brands on their latest collection, I just randomly walked in Zara that had fresh Stock. I was nervous with trepidation, what if I end up liking something which is gorgeous and way out of my budget. My heart would break! Breakups can be heavy and messy and disturbing and disorienting, it shakes you to the core with the nonsense human brain creates. It makes you hate someone you know within you'd never be able to.

(Jokes apart) I took a round and round of the shop, surprisingly they have lot of stock in the range of $12 +  and I was surprised on how wrong I was when I thought of Zara that they are for Rich people and I can only afford them when on Sale. Till a few months back $19 was a big deal. I would go for anything less than $10. Today, I seek for what defines me. I ain't seeking a quick fix, I am seeking a solution to a long standing heart's desire.

Being a Travel blogger and a Fashion blogger is like juggling two insane suitors. I save for travel and then I think out of which how much can I save for Travel Travel and how much can I spend on Fashion which never comes out to be a Fraction. So I end up comparing the room rates / flight deals to a Dress!

Life has been such that juggling has become my middle name and for that people started taking me for granted and talking me down. After years of gathering shit, I one day decided to let all go and gathered courage to make myself more self worthy. I lacked love within me and had forgotten who I was in the course of time. I let people define me. One day, I swore to God,

If no one understands my pretty little pure heart that god showers on me everyday in different forms, I got to adjust my crown and leave the crowd. And that is exactly what I did. 

Even though self-worthiness comes from within each of us, a little bright dress in the showers of Pink Cherry Blossoms under the blessings of God and shadows of our reflection gives us the mojo that we need to carry forward! No one can make you feel better or worse for lifetime, only you can make you 'Happy' if you choose to. Magic is around each one of us and comes in various shapes, colors and heart, it needs eyes with a soul to sweetly whisper 'LOVE'.

And ever since I don't look out for Happiness in others, I know its me vs ME. The full heart does not need validation or negative thoughts or beliefs by others to dilute its authenticity, it needs feelings to be respected and reciprocated and to be felt within. It needs to be sung in melancholy loud, crisp and clear.  

The heart that you see on my neck is a cherry blossom petal which flew to me!
Dress: Zara

Zara has a great collection that is elegance personified. 

And a very proper fit!

Off shoulder dress: Zara, bought online.

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