Bata’s Silver Flipflops : My New Travel Companion

I saw these on my mothers feet and I was overwhelmed, she had them in Copper. She told me that a lot of my cousins have already gotten on...

I saw these on my mothers feet and I was overwhelmed, she had them in Copper. She told me that a lot of my cousins have already gotten one. In fact, even my mother-in-law was bowled over. So I bought one in Silver.

“My hubby looked at my feet and said - Oh those Chappals look really nice, where did you get them from”. And before I could say to where “I quickly said him I know right - they are so adorable and so comfortable I wear them everytime - in the house and out of the house when I am traveling ” I got it from my recent visit to India from Bata. Most of the time, I am genuinely on the hunt for good footwear specially for travel. My feet has become such that it does not even take few minutes to throw tantrums if the sole of the shoes/sandals/heels aren’t friendly and so on most travel gateways, I avoid wearing heals altogether.

Sometimes, I carry heels just out of sheer desire if I get to wear them sometime but often I do not because they carry more space for one reason and second, I do not know if they are fit for long term travel. I have actually been betrayed by a sandal with a heel once, that was my favorite. On one of the trips that had lots of walking to do, I had overestimated my capability to carry them on cobbled roads for good 12 hours. It was so painful by the end of the day, that my feet got swollen, I had to walk barefoot back and as soon as I entered my bathtub, had to dip my feet for a long long time. Ever since, I am careful with what I wear on my feet. Sometimes I do not find a good piece and just bring what I have even if It looks ugly. Other times, I prefer Sandals with wedge heels / slight heels not the ones with pointed fashionable heels.

Talking of which, I was so relieved by this one. The Silver on the chappals, doesn’t come out ; I was expecting it to leave traces but they stay put. Considering that it costs just Rs 499, it is a great buy!

These are so gorgeous right? 

He he.. guys as a Fashion + Travel Blogger my feet is expected to be groomed and nail painted.
But for me, I just don't have time so excuse me if my ugly feet annoys you!

Flipflops: Bata, Rs 499
Place in Picture: Sakura Matsuri Festival, Brooklyn, NY

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