What to wear in Spain: 10 Useful Do’s and Don’ts

In Spain, Keep it frilly, polka dotted, gypsey and cowboy hats! Spain is a country of celebrations and colors. It’s also one of ...

In Spain, Keep it frilly, polka dotted, gypsey and cowboy hats!

Spain is a country of celebrations and colors. It’s also one of the countries which is very lenient when it comes to roadside fashion. A country of yesteryear's Bandits and today's Bull Fights, the country’s fashion scene is an probably an adaptation from the heroic history of Spain.

During the celebrations you would find girls wrapped in ultra feminine frilly and polka dotted Flamenco dresses whereas men / women both wear the cowboy hats or the big hats. So, I would suggest for Spain you could pack anything, however, just so that you look blended in there, choose short dresses / long dresses with frills.


  • 1 Rose Hair Pin (You could also get one from Spain!)
  • 2 Boat Neck / Off Shoulder Top
  • 2 Spaghetti Style Dress
  • 1 Frill Skirt / 1 Shirt with Frill Sleeves / Tulle Skirt
  • 1 Suede Waistcoat / Biker Jacket
  • 1 Fitted Dress
  • 3 T-shirts
  • 1 Shorts
  • 1 Boots
  • 1 Wedge Heels
  • 1 Sunscreen
  • 3 Hats
Let's discuss 10 tips and tricks of Spain:

Weather : Whenever you are traveling to any county its important to know the weather? Why ? Because that would help you dress up in layers or carry jackets or simply a dress or a shirt?

Summers ( June - August) It is when you would need plenty of sunscreen , sunglasses and sunhat! Winters ( Nov - Feb) Opt for warmer layers, I would suggest on fleece jackets, Packable Puffer Jackets or Biker Jackets. Spring (Mar - May) and Fall (Sept - Oct) It will be cooler but not as cold, so important to dress in light layers.

Me, wearing my Spanish Polka Dotted Apron and Biker Jacket!

Frills : Last time when I was in Spain, I watched the ladies in Flamenco dress at the Sevilla Fair and all of them were looking gorgeous. The problem was, I wanted to buy one, and they were super expensive plus where else would I wear them except for Spain. But then I noticed something, these dresses have plenty of frills, some are polka dotted and feminine. So next time I am going to Spain, I am packing a lot of frills. Frilled Skirt, Frilled Tops , Shawls with Tassels etc. I would match well with them. Tulle Skirts / long skirts with slits / asymmetrical skirts / Maxi Skirts / Maxi Dresses would also go very well.

Wearing a Tulle Skirt like this one! You can get it from Etsy here

Brands such as Forever 21, Myntra (Athena and FabAlley) sometimes has polka dotted dress / skirts / shirts. ASOS, Forever 21, Zara and Rosegal has some great collection of Tulle Skirts.

Rugged Jackets: As I talked in the above description, with Spain having history of Bandits, one of the best jacket to wear would be in suede or biker faux leather jackets. Even for guys they could go for suede vests or hats!

Brands such as Zara, H&M and Forever 21 contains Faux Leather Jackets.

Earrings : Large Big Round Looped Earrings and Tassels would be so IN in Spain with the dress you would wear. I love the fact that for girls visible dangling on the ears would go very very well. Plus funky belts and jazzy sunglasses and hats! If you are a guy, you can be dude here :)

Churches: If you are visiting Churches which are lots there, I would suggest wearing a mid dress or jeans etc. Jeggings from Zara are very good.

Culture: The dress culture of Spain is non-restrictive at most regions. I wore shorts in many regions and never got stared at. Overall, pack up a bunch of stuff as I listed above and based on where you would be traveling in Spain wear them. Also if you haven’t got anything frilly, wear something flowy like a flowy cotton dress etc. Harem pants with spaghetti tops would also go very very well. Gypsy dressing style is what a lot of youngsters in Spain are seen to wear and blends very very well! You do get Spaghetti Tops and Harem Pants in Pantaloons or even in thrift markets of Janpath and Sarojini Nagar.

Notice: Cowboy hats on men!!!

Funky T-Shirts: With Spain being so casual, one would look very good wearing those Funky Quoted T-shirts with capris or shorts.

Get Souvenir: Spain is also one of the cheap countries in Europe and so you could get lots of small little souvenirs. I got myself the Flamenco Styled Apron for euro 3. You can get Rose Style Hair Clips etc for euro 1 which are popular there.

Bags: When in Spain, I would love to have Bags which are Bohemian with colors and tassels and a small backpack etc. Also make sure when you walk in crowded areas, you have sling bags or bags which are on your side.

Footwear: I largely wore shoes in Spain because we had tight itinerary and we had to walk a lot however, I would suggest going for Ballerinas / Pump toes for girls who loves to walk or comfortable wedges. I also could relate the embroidered Boots to Spain because why not!

Links to embroidered boots and tassled sandals online

Embroidered Boots on Etsy

                                                 Tassled Sandals on Nordstorm

Spain is all about multitude of colors , happiness and celebrations. As India, they also celebrate a lot of Festivals and their dresses are very much a collective of history and stories they have got to share!

To know more about History, Culture, Festivals and Things to do Spain, check my travel blog at Ankionthemove

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