How to choose the right t-shirt fit?

The right amount of milk in coffee and the right fit of your t-shirts are the ultimate pleasures of life. If you have them both, you nee...

The right amount of milk in coffee and the right fit of your t-shirts are the ultimate pleasures of life. If you have them both, you need not worry about the rest.

 T-shirts for men, and for the matter all the garments for men, demand one thing from their beholders i.e. a good fitting. Whether it’s a polo t-shirt or a printed t-shirt, the point of discourse is the fit. Having a right fit is even more important than the type of fabric, the brand name, etc.

We have created for you a list of fits and the kind of cool mens fashionable t-shirts at online sale in India that complement these fits. Have a look at below and choose for yourself the best kind of t-shirt for yourself.

 Regular Fit T-shirts :
 Regular fit t-shirts are those t-shirts that fit sleekly at and around the shoulders but are loose and relaxed towards the ribs and abdomen side. An average person prefers a regular t-shirt because of its comfortable fit that does not restrict movement. It outlines the natural body shape but not precisely like slim fit tshirts.

 Available with and without sleeves, mostly men prefer their t-shirts with sleeves. These t-shirts do not have a baggy appearance for your arms but at the same time, they are not hard to your biceps.

 Choosing a Regular fit:  
For regular fits, one should always opt for Cool Round neck t-shirt for men and crew neck t-shirts. This is because these neck types complement regular fit t-shirts. Also, polo t-shirts are supposed to be casual fits. They look great when are of slightly loose fitting.

 Ideal for: 
These kinds of t-shirts are lineating hence are perfect for all body types whether you are lean or muscular.

 Slim Fit T-shirts : 
Are you one of those men who adore the way your favourite celebrities look in casual t-shirts? Do you fall for the fits that embrace your body fully? Do you like to take advantage of your well-built body while styling? Then, pick slim fit t-shirts are the right pick for you.

 Slim fit t-shirts are designed in a manner that they are not just body hugging but also body-enhancing.

 These are the t-shirts which when pulled at the sternum will only pull a few inches. This is why these types of t-shirts are comparatively tighter. Hence called slim fits. In comparison to relaxed fits, slim fit t-shirts fit right on the belt. They must not be longer than that.

 Choosing a Slim fit :
V neck t-shirts are the perfect option for slim fit t-shirts. V neck is designed in a manner to show off your gym efforts in a classy way. The V cut of the neck should go deep to your torso but an inch above the nipples.

 Ideal for:
If you are a sportsperson than slim fits are best for you. Also, it's a favourable choice for muscular men with well-built bodies.

 Relaxed Fit T-shirts : 

Relax fit t-shirts are not as common as slim fits and casual fits but they are making their presence felt in fashion today. They were designed keeping men with lean bodies in mind. This is why they are comparatively loose than regular fits.

Choosing a Relaxed Fit: 
Like casual fits, relaxed fits look good on t-shirts with round necks and crew necks.

 Ideal for: 
Relax fits are a good choice for men with lean body types because this type of t-shirts offers a structure to their body. Most of these loose fits or relaxed fits are available with graphics scribbled over them. Hence printed t-shirts are a popular choice.

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