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Out of nowhere, I remember this old shoot I had with Sunieta Narayana . I was at her place after I had met her in Pebbles Bangalore at her ...

Out of nowhere, I remember this old shoot I had with Sunieta Narayana. I was at her place after I had met her in Pebbles Bangalore at her stall on Boho-Chic clothes. She’s one hell of an interesting lady. She was working for Accenture, and now she designs these free flowing handmade clothes and footwear incredibly beautiful ones and its almost impossible to not fall for them specially the embroidered hand made footwear and her clothes; there are very few stitches in some of her clothes - the idea is to not make it figure hugging but figure celebrating.

Sells half the year across the country and another half travels around the world. That day I was helping her pack her goodies in apparel boxes before we decided to head out and go shoot.

We that day, had no place to go. So we headed to a new apartment for the shoot. We had talked about it earlier, but 4 years back, I was going through really difficult time in my life, and so I was very nervous and very under confident. I basically wanted to make myself happy following my dreams but internally I had a lot of things going on.

When she persistently told to focus me on sensuality and look very casual on the camera, I was very restrained.Then she finally said 'Be yourself lady' and it was difficult for me to be myself because I had forgotten myself over the years. That free-spirited childlike soul replaced with someone a little boring, tactful wanting everyone's approval or seeking validation from others.

 In fact, its strange, ever since childhood , I was always wanting to pose. And when I got an opportunity to, the timing wasn’t right.

So I giggled. It was hilarious. I was very very body conscious. I still remember how much.. (The feeling was equivalent to getting myself vaccinated)

And after a few shots of me she took and said 'whats wrong' , I started taking her pictures.

And in between where I somehow managed to do justice to her clothes, I survived. 

Today, I realized,

Happiness lies within you when you stop searching elsewhere..
 I realized, that be you. 
No matter how body conscious everyone else makes you. 
Because you know what looks good on you! 
Your sensuality would wrap your soul confidently
Only when you know it is best for you.. 

And it was, its just that, I wasn’t in right frame of mind back then.

Back again to her clothes, as I said, she’s awesome, I recommend checking her stalls wherever she is at. She puts up her stall in Goa, in Sunday Soul Sante Bangalore.. or even ask her online and they are a steal. This is just one of the garments which I wore but I would be sharing two more.. in the next post. Some pictures in the next post, reveal my nervousness and some are downright hazy but still. So stay tuned..

When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.

        The shadow of million grey areas.Don't you find?

                                                     Brand: Sunieta Narayana Designs

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