40+ Things You Never Knew About Me

1) I have no patience of applying nail paints or body waxing   a) In my entire life I may have applied nail paints just 10 times  b) ...

1) I have no patience of applying nail paints or body waxing 
 a) In my entire life I may have applied nail paints just 10 times
 b) The last I waxed was about 2 years back!

 2) I am paranoid about my teeth 
 a) With it being shifting
 b) With it being yellow

3) I am a bit of a perfectionist but have outgrown 
 a)Outgrown because it wasn’t serving more purpose, so I chose to be real with flaws and all

4) I don’t like heavy makeup 
 a) I hate the glossy liquidy lipstick

5) I like simplicity of dressing 
 a)Comfortable, fitting and modern

6) I ain’t traditional but modern 
 a)I won’t fret on things which challenge generation - I am okay with live ins and this and that or even people dating for fun. As long as it doesn’t hurt or harm, to each his own and I am okay. I have lived for the moment in my college and I don’t think it was the bad thing to do - I had the best memories when I lived for the moment.

 b)I don't believe in 'saving yourself' until the perfect one. I believe in listening to your heart and making your partner the perfect one. I don't believe in imposing restrictions on anyone - whether my hubby chooses to have his friends(female or male) or not that's his call entirely - whether he choose to introduce them to me, that's also his call. That's what we learnt over the years! To let each other be.

I don't feel insecure on his or he on mine, we are grown ups, and we know what we are doing without each others affirmations.

I love new songs more than old songs. Although I stick to old things more but I prefer new.

7) I sing well but don’t enjoy singing 
 a)Something that not many relate to

8) I don't watch TV
  a)I find it such a waste of time that I left watching it ever since college.
  b)I find it too dramatic for my taste, and I don't miss it. I have got better things to do.

9) I love bollywood more than hollywood but animation is a different story
  a)The best kind of movies that I love watching is animation or inspiration or romantic or romcom or adventure or horror
  b)I really like Bollywood masala movies with dance, songs and all.
  c)I hate movies which are robot superhuman focused like transformers and etc etc..
  d)I hate movies which are super slow and super artsy.

10) I hate Candy Crush or Farmville or Mind Games
  a)The only games I used to play, when I used to play was arcade , race and action.
  b)I do not like mind games or Candy crush or Farm Ville or Mafia Wars or any of those kind
  c)I love games with bit of a depth to it, so I don't remember the name but I guess it was Hangman where he had guns and there were rivals and there were obstacles and I really liked playing it. I was addicted to getting him saved.

11) I hate Maths and History
  a)Maths was never my favorite and neither was history and till today, it still isn't.

12) I love people simple and grounded but I gel with all 
 a)I love people with no background baggage or someone with unconditional love.

13) I love intelligent,sensitive and independent people as partners. 
 a) I ain’t picky. I love analyzing people and finding good in them or bad.More so, I love creating happiness in people or inspiring them than bitching about them.
 b)The best I had gelled up so far are Pisces, Virgos,Cancer, Scorpio

14) I ain’t so good in English, Language or Communication 
 a) Which evolved due to on-road travel videos.
 b) I still stumble a bit if I ain’t comfortable.

15) I love to be in long standing relationship. 
 a) I love the security / familiarity of a person around me
 b) I love the need to be needed and required

16) I have high tolerance to Bullshit. 
 a) I rarely get angry but when I do , save your ass
 b) If anyone is being mean and disrespectful to my sweetness, I break even the foundation of relationship
 c)When I care, I care too much. But when I stop caring, I don’t even see you as a person but that's very very rare. I am generally very empathetic and understanding.

17) I hate gossip 
 a)I don’t understand whats the base on which people gossip. Isn’t trust an important thing in a friendship.

18) I love animals more than kids 
 a)Anything chirpy and childish makes me happy.

19) Most of my ambition and passion is driven by Fantasy 
 a).. Not in my head! A balance of heart and head.

20) If I get bored, I leave 
 a)Whether job or relationship
 b)But I don’t leave before telling the other person what went wrong!

21) I love traveling but writing not so much 
 a)So you’d ask me how am I travel blogging..

22) I ain’t so fond of social media 
 a)Though posting on my personal page is a different story
 b)I don’t like things to be account by account on my travel as it takes the joy out of traveling.

23) I love to be in shape 
 a)I can’t see myself fat
 b)And I do it for myself.

24) I research health more than you know 
 a)Like all the time.

25) I don’t like Gym or Yoga 
 a)I find exercising in closed spaces so boring
 b)Love outdoors more

26) When I get angry, then run for cover 
 a)I am good at taking Skeletons out of your closet
 b)No matter what you do to me, I as a person am very brave and stand up nonetheless with or with out you

27) I appreciate responsibility even as friend 
 a)Relationships are reciprocals
 b)I would do anything to make you happy but do not cross that line of nonsense or don't use me

28) I used to love quick paint 
 a)I am a creative person

29) I love taking risks 
 a)I am very impatient, I have the energy to get going.

30) I used to wear high heels 
 a) Now I don’t so much

31) I had depression and hypothyroid 
 a)Negative Impact of people bickering, losses and stresses that dipped my energy level.
 b)Depression is a disease when needs are not met
 c)Clearance of mess

32) My motto in life - Is to believe 
 a)To not analyze or sometimes analyze but more manifest
 b)Believe in righteousness of people

33) I never compare me with other people in life 
 a)I believe in my values and do my best
 b)I Don’t mess up with my belief systems to make it believe to doubts

34) I do not blame or depend on fate for things 
a) I do basic things and own myself up
b)Whatever I want to, I go for it, life is too short to be put on hold

35) I believe in God but not Religion 
 a)I am very spiritual and intuitive
 b)God does help with answers which are mysterious
 c)Instead of how things look believe in inside

36) I rarely get jealous 
 a)I look people who inspire and believe in co-existence
 b)And I believe that love cannot be stolen

37) My Success came with a lot of things 
 a) Denial, Sacrifice, Confusion, understand the journey will never be easy
 b)But you have got to take it.
 c)Don’t make scope for excuses.

38) I never think I am old enough. 
 a)Thinking old will make you old.

39) Perfumes do not turn me on 
 a) I am allergic to it and I find it unnecessary
 b) Daily use as soaps/shampoos pose long term health problem

40) I am emotionally messy but I love creating order in others 
 a)I want people to want me to help them

41) And generally messy home wise 
 a)Closets flowing..is nothing new
 b)But one day I would get up and clean all

42) I am patriotic but not regional 
 a)I love my country but I am not obsessed with where i belong from
 b)I love adapting to new country as well.

43) I don’t love AC, I like car windows open. 

44) I mostly, live for today 
 a)But love analyzing my past or future!

45) I have a memory of a pigeon 
 a)I suffer from forgetfulness

46) I save but I spend 
 a)Last night a thought came to my mind, I forgot this point
 b)I don’t believe in saving and buying a house for long term
 c)But I believe in saving and planning my travel or getting a dress or two in between
 d)I do shopping impulsively and align other expenses accordingly and things work!
 e)And I don’t stay to a particular brand or style, whatever I like I get it, as long as it fits my budget.

47)The Game I Do not like is Golf
a)It bores the shit out of me. Tried many times and every time got super bored.

48) By Biggest Fear is fear of Loss and stupidest fear is fear of Injections
a)Whether its in form of breakup or form of loss as in loss of a person, that's my biggest fear and so I hold people close as a family.
b)My stupidest fear is injections - I hate them - It doesn't hurt as much though but I still hate them!

 And now we know me! To each his own - let live guys. No other soul is more right or wrong, It’s just different way of living. Once you start appreciating it, you'd start loving most people. Shall we talk about you :)

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