Top Ten Online Shopping Websites I Highly Recommend

 Once upon a time I was that girl who would feel the satisfaction of buying stuff offline(on the store) and be content with it. Trying clot...

 Once upon a time I was that girl who would feel the satisfaction of buying stuff offline(on the store) and be content with it. Trying clothes on the spot would give my heart a guarantee. Today, most of my purchases are online and that’s because when you look at Clearance or Sale online sometimes even with Free Shipping and Returns, you wouldn’t believe how easy can it get. Plus often I have seen that the Fresh prices marked for even the latest trend are sometimes lower online than on the store. Also the collection is huge online so why not!

These are the things you must do when shopping online:

1) Subscribe to these websites because once you do so, deals land in your inbox like a breeze. 

2) The next thing of course is read the online reviews. 

3) Most often your original size is your online size but if majority of readers say get 1/2 size larger, get 1/2 size larger. 

4) If there are more negative reviews than the positive ones, do not buy it. 

5) Whatever you buy and from wherever , check return policy , shipping and days of delivery!

And the top ten online shopping sites I may suggest which are based on my experience are:

 1) Amazon - Electronics, Lingerie, Cooking Essentials, Cosmetics 

 This is our favorite online shopping place. Amazon has impeccable service and delivery. We often shop at Amazon because the prices sometimes are so reasonable that it even beats the local Walmarts and stores on Clearance. If you shop a lot from Amazon like us, get a membership of Amazon Prime($100) and avail 1-2 day delivery, free shipping and returns, ease at replacements and etc. We have got GoPro camera at Amazon with accessories and got it replaced too when the screw was a little loose. All we had to do was tell them and voila a new order was placed. We were told to free return the old one from a courier service and that’s like wow!

 The best things to buy on Amazon are Maidenform Bras( They come for $40-45 on stores but on Amazon some of them for $12), Electronics and Accessories ( Speakers, Mikes, Blenders, what not!) , Cooking Stuff( Knife, Cutting Board, Lodge Pans etc), Fashion Accessories , Cosmetics ( Korean BB Creams, Sunscreen Sticks, Oils) , Sunglasses( They come pretty cheap!) , Snowpants , Gloves, Inners etc.

 Amazon though lacks in the fashion, luggage and shoe department if you must ask me because the prices are comparable elsewhere and there isn't much discount offered on the site on these.

Website: Amazon

 2) H & M - Clothes 

 This is our(both mine and my hubby’s) favorite place to buy for clothes. More than buying on store, we often end up buying online because by our experience we feel that stores stock up the same stuff in a bit of extra cost than online and the stocks are less. H&M is a great brand when it comes to quality and the designs they have. Plus their return policy is great too.

If you don’t like anything you can go to their store and replace. The trick here is though, you need to have an order number to be able to replace that comes with the email of your order confirmation.

Know your size and go shopping. You can also try your size once at the store if in doubt and rest order online. H&M has year-round sale section online unlike on store. H&M usually has shipping as $5.99 however they sometimes send coupon code for free shipping on emails which I often use.

Website: H&M

 3) Victoria Secret - Swimwear and Lingerie 

 Ever visioned yourself donning a bikini a la Victoria Secret Model. Recently I ordered one and not for a hefty price either. What surprised me was the stores didn’t even had a sale when online it was there. You can get Bikini Bottoms starting from $12 and top starting from $15 when you check clearance and sale. Victoria Secret also has these free shipping sometimes on any purchase and free goodies with coupon codes. Otherwise shipping approx cost $6. Free shipping is usually on purchase of $50 or above. Whatever you get, can be returned and refunded at Victoria Secret shop. That’s simple enough isn’t it.

Website: Victoria Secret

 AEO(American Eagle Outfitters) impressed me with their collection. With great looking Bikinis and free returns and free shipping on Swimwear, I thought that was a great place to buy for Swimwear! Got one - the fitting is good - the delivery was fast too.

Website: American Eagle Outfitters

However my heart still goes for VS for swimwear .  The quality and the fit is awesome!

 4) Walmart - Grocery , Cooking Appliances and Furnitures

 If you want to get some Grocery stuff and Furnitures, Walmart is a great place to buy. Most of our home furnitures are from Walmart and we have got extendable sofas and Bar chairs and etc and they were pretty reasonable too. You also do get deals on cosmetics and grocery on Walmart.

Walmart online has more furniture than even their main stores. There return policy is great so incase if you don’t like something you can always return.

Walmart though lacks in the quality in the clothing department. I wouldn't recommend Walmart for clothing at all.

Website: Walmart

 5) Sierra Trading Post - Luggage Bags 

 We compared Ebags and Sierra Trading Post for getting our wheeled duffle and found that Sierra Trading Post had very reasonable prices. For brand like Eagle Creek that usually comes for $230-300 we got it for $120 which is half the price.

Do check Samsonite and other major brands on luggage and be prepared for great discounts.

Website: Sierra Trading Post

 6) LLBean - Jackets 

 I haven’t done it personally but my cousins do shop at LLBean online and they are very impressed with the quality of jackets they have. LLBean also tells you till what temperatures the jackets would be suffice and hence LLBean.

Website: LLBean

7) Etsy - Jewellery, Accessories and Craft Items

 I have been wanting to do it for a long long time and have browsed it billionth times, Etsy has got this amazing collection of Accessories from all over the world. You wouldn't be missing a nath sitting in US or that Turkish Boots sitting in any part of the world, because Etsy has this collection which will make you swoon and the prices pretty reasonable too. Haven’t tried it though highly highly recommended.

Website: Etsy

8) Forever 21- Clothes, Accessories 

 Forever 21 has a great online store. However they have these weird return policies - where Final Sale items cannot be returned and etc. We have gotten them returned on the store after much persuasion though. Forever 21 is a great store to buy - The prices are dirt cheap even when on sale or otherwise and if you are looking for some clothes to just buy and wear, then go for Forever 21. They have good collection of Accessories too. They have good collection on store just in case if you want to try and buy. The quality isn’t as great as H&M but still wearable good. I have found the shoes from Forever 21 to be not as comfortable though.  Most often Free shipping is offered on $50 and up. If you subscribe to emailing it, sometimes they do send you free shipping at any cost.

But for the price that you get it for , its unbeatable. I have gotten sweaters for $2 and coats for $6. They do keep up with the style and the trend and so, its always new and fresh style that you get.

Website: Forever21

9) Ebay - Your Size Items In Brands 

 Ebay isn’t my favorite site but still sometimes I do get stuff from ebay. If you love a brand and if you find that your sizes ain’t available, head to ebay. Footwear Brands like Sperry, Toms etc are reasonable on Ebay. However ebay has this thing called ‘New’, ‘New with Tags’ , ‘Used’ etc on stuff so make sure you buy what you want. I had this huge crush on a pump shoe which I saw on JC Penny but wasn’t available in my size so I got from ebay for $5.

Since Ebay is more user driven as the users are mostly sellers, I found the return policy to be not so friendly. Often you’d have to pay for return and shipping.

Website: Ebay

10) JCPenny - Hats, Shoes and Fleece Jackets 

 If you ask me, we haven’t gotten a lot from JCPenny but whatever we have got they are reasonably okay. We have got Formal Shoes for $30 and a Fleece Jacket for $9 and coat for $25. Whatever you get can be returned at the store. So that’s great.

JCPenny has these website codes on and off that helps you save $10 or 10% on your purchase. I guess I see it every time on the header of JCPenny online.

Website: JCPenny

 These are my top 10 websites to buy from. I haven't yet found a reasonable store to buy footwear from. Might try Target online soon. Any suggestions on that department? I often aim for shoes damn cheap and land myself in an endless of unworthy shoes for my feet..

What ya think guys? Have you tried any from the list above?

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