Winter Style: Layers in Coat, Top and Loose Pants

Today I woke up with a certain stubbornness 'I have to get out of my bed!'..Oh Its cold says my hubby! But I've got my remote n...

Today I woke up with a certain stubbornness 'I have to get out of my bed!'..Oh Its cold says my hubby! But I've got my remote now, and I can take my own (hopefully good) full portraits! How can I update my fashion blog when I can't even go out..

Shooting oneself in open, when the winters are harsh is funny. You want to take your gloves off to click the shutter, then immediately put it back in, because if nothing but your hand freezes. And once it happens , the numbness stays for a while. But today I thought may be weather looks great from my window.. and may be I can put up a smile in the numbness.

I was wrong. Weather was super windy and cold. Ughhh.. Winters damn. I had my frozen hands moments in between the shoots several times :P

So I had my coat on, with my top and the pants. A perfect look for any traveler I guess, who is as lazy as me, to not even apply makeup lol :P

You don't even want to carry your camera in a weather as this because let's face it carrying yourself is also a big deal !  But my iPhone saves me sometimes.. on occasions like this.

But seriously, you wouldn't believe for how much I got this everything for, the coat is for $7(Forever 21) which I got it on Final Sale, the top is for $5(Forever21) Final Sale : I jumped out of joy to find one with prints similar to Kashmiri work and the pants are from Pantaloons India(Rs 750). Every time I go Forever21 , I really go crazy.. both online and offline and winters are the perfect time to do shopping because there's nothing much to do.. If you are a traveler in India or Abroad, head to Forever21 for change of style.

                       Then I did a little bit of a make-up.. :) I must be the laziest fashion blogger.
                                                                      Place in Picture: Milwaukee

Playing with the winds, it had almost taken my hat away..

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  1. Layered clothing is my favorite style... and you look fab in this coat, hat and boots combo.

    1. Thanks Moon for your compliments :) Yep Layers do look cool. Specially in winters..


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