Forever21 : The Fantasy Anniversary

I'm half living my life between reality and fantasy at all times. - Lady Gaga I was very sensitive. I liked everything that touche...

I'm half living my life between reality and fantasy at all times. - Lady Gaga

I was very sensitive. I liked everything that touched fantasy and beauty. I dreamed of being a ballerina, but Mother said I was too big, too long. - Jacqueline de Ribes

Some people are scared of marriage. We were too. After dating for nearly 4 years, we decided to get into this deep plunge we were uncertain about. Today is my 7th Anniversary. That makes us together for almost 11 years. Damn! We already feel like brothers and sisters :P

So, I had to decide on what to wear. Didn't I tell you my latest fascination with Forever 21. As a traveler, I save and unlike what my clothes look like, they ain't even half of what you assume them to be :) I am very particular about not spending too much and little here and there doesn't hurt my bank balance either. Call me a wise shopper and boy! I am a die hard shopaholic. I almost shop every weekend..and try to find out where the sales are ;) Except that some days I am lazy to shoot out (Its still cold but better,yesterday even had sun)

Thank goodness my upbringing have been such that I respect money and I survive just fine and happily. And many wonder where do I get so much money from..Really guys, how I wish that money were on trees ;) so that I could have bought the whole store but.. a little this and that doesn't hurt, doesn't hurt at all.

Dress: Forever 21, Bayshore Mall Milwaukee
I got two dresses in sale of Buy one, Get one Final Sale
(And this along with one more dress costed me total of just $6.99 , Rs 477)

Heels: Marks And Spencer.Phoenix Mall,Bangalore(Rs 999)

The trick to catching Forever 21 on sale is
Subscribe online.
Once you get the notification for store sale.
Shop on the immediate weekdays after the weekend sale.
If the weekend had sale such as 50% off, weekdays would be 75% sometimes even Buy 1 Get 1 free with that..Like really!

                   Be aware of their return policies though,
                                Final Sale items cannot be returned or exchanged.
                                      So its better you try them then and there, and if all's well buy
                              Sometimes In sale there are defective items too,  like zip not working , holes and etc
                                             But most often, its the stock they want to get rid of :)
                So its a best place to buy apparels for your whole family, I even got a trendy sweater for $1.99
             Buy things off season i.e Buy Summer Clothes in winters(that is when they are on sale) and Winter Clothes when the Winters are almost ending(that's when they are put off rack)
I guess we know it already :P that happens in any store in India too

Love ME? Awww I love you too....

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  1. dress is really pretty.....

  2. U always know how to carry a look flawlessly :)
    Glam as always !
    Hot Pink and Gold

    1. @Ananya Kiran: Look who's talking.. I was going to say you the same thing. You carry flawlessly almost everything. Love your style and your blog!


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