Top 5 Beauty Products Every Traveller Must Carry

A few years back,I used to impulsively grab the new products off the shelf more out of curiosity than anything else.The ingredients to me s...

A few years back,I used to impulsively grab the new products off the shelf more out of curiosity than anything else.The ingredients to me sounded like a magic potion.

As I hit 30,certain things started having huge impact on my negligence towards what I should have back then brought,had I not thought about if this is cheaper or that is.Good thing is,it led me to series of trial and errors over the years.You name it and I've tried it.

                                                                    Call me feminist on this one.

From the beauty line/cosmetic line of Shoppers Stop that includes Clarins to Shiesedo to Elizabeth Arden to over the counter Lakme's and Ponds and Boroline there was a point in life,when products would fall off my rack and I would gaze at it and pray if its full,let its expiry date be after a few years.I used to feel guilty about spoonful of some products used which expired a year later.It was my first job with no family responsibility and loads of money to splurge on clothes or on whatever I liked then.

The idea of savings was distant.The frame of mind different. 

 Every non-fussy traveler may say you might not need this.For when we visualize a traveler,we see him walking past this jungle,hiking over the mountains,face in colours : brown black covered in dust.Need not be so.

You might just return with a plenty of freckles one day and wouldn't even realize.I have seen that happen to one of my near mates in her early 30's. In the last three years when travelling to 17 countries,I have seen changes in my skin too.

It's a boon that some people are born with genetically great skin.

The fact that I don't drink water at all to which my dietitian scolded and said 'Then how do you survive!'.Mercy me 'I don't like the taste of water' to which my dad fights and says 'Water is odorless tasteless colorless'.I have started liking the no-taste of water now for obvious reasons.I don't want to grudge later that I didn't water my skin enough.Ha!

Stress shows on your face.Let not your ex,your boss,your household chores,your back to back travel or your diet steal that shine.


 I believe many of us skip this.And I believe many of us skip it because either it makes your skin oily on use,or create a whitest frame,or you simply feel there's something on your face which you don't like,sometimes even onset of pimples,sometimes it feels it doesn't work when your skin gets darkened.After trying and testing hell lot of products,I came with certain good ones that need not completely make you unaffected when in sun,but protects you so that it might minimize your tan.That means if you stay for 3 hours in sun,without application you just might tan more.Tan is just not the change of skin color.Constant exposure can even lead to skin cancer or severe skin allergies.When swimming in chlorinated water,it's recommended to apply waterproof sunscreen because you tan more in water.Ditto for beach areas,or areas with tropic sun.For example in Maldives,the sun is direct and there's no escape or Oman.Then what do you do?

Prevention is the best medicine.You can always say smoking didn't kill the other guy,but does that mean it isn't harmful?Reclaim your skin.

Claiming that you are a carefree traveler and then later running errands to a doctor is like better late than never.Be wise.

So the best product which I found is Clinique Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (It's too good,you wouldn't feel you have anything applied on your face,its cream based but its not sticky or oily,it just blends in your face,it also doesn't have that perfume smell,comes in two varients SPF 30 and SPF 50).Though a little costly than the regular it comes for around 2k-2.5k and you can find it either at exclusive clinique shops across the country or lifestyle or shoppers stop and the malls.It good and effective sun protection.I am using it currently for past 6 months and I have no intention of going back to any other sunscreen.

Tanning is relative.Some people do not tan at all or tan so less that it is barely visible.I turn into Gorilla.

 Second to which would be Kiehls Super Fluid Liquid Defense Sunscreen SPF 50 or Clarins UV plus protective day Sunscreen,both of which are nice though I found Clinique to be the best of all.Clarins is a mineral based sunscreen but its on the drier end and hence a moisturizer needs to be applied prior.Kiehls has a little cream in it ,though not so much and hence would still need a moisturizer as a base.Have used both.

Not all sun is good.Sunshine around 7:30-9:30 gives ample vitamin D.A recent study says many traffic cops in India lack vit D even though you may see them in the afternoons often on the roads.

I am allergic to Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Day Touch Sunblock(Rs 500) new range with PA++ sunscreen / Helioplex but I've heard its good to many others though it didn't suit me.I used to use Neutrogena Fine Fairness previous range with no PA ++ (which they have currently added) was undoubtedly one of the best sunscreens.Neutrogena also has sensitive range of sunscreens in budget so in case if it suits you well and good.But it didn't suit me either.

Why they discarded it or changed the ingredients of Fine Fairness I am still not convinced.

The third over the counter choice would be either using Cetaphil(which dermatologist recommend/Sebamed(Rs 1490) /Chicco sunscreen(Rs 530) ).Sunscreens such as Lakme/Mabelline I didn't find it to be so effective as it must be, plus I found them to be more perfumed than It should be. Garnier Sun Control daily moisturiser (Rs 180) has a tinted sunscreen which is a bit oily but good one.So if you have dry face,and would want to use the products which are readily available then go for Garnier.

 2)BB Cream

 I know its a new rage.And I got caught up in that rage of looking smooth and clear.So what BB cream does is makes your skin even and looking fresh and adds a little color to your face.Though not as thick as foundation and not for heavy make up at all.But for someone like me,who loves to not overdo makeup.BB cream is a must.A highly recommended paraben free BB Cream with Sunscreen would be Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Match(Rs 555).So far its the best BB cream I have used.Second to which would be Ponds BB Cream. Kiehls also has a BB cream and its nice but I prefer colorbar because you don't feel you have anything on face and plus its readily available and its very pocket friendly. If you remember the good old vanishing cream.It's even lighter than that.It's very fluid in texture,almost like 70% water but makes your skin dewy. But what It won't do is hide your dark circles :).

I don't have patience like every other girl I meet.Neither intense love for combing my hair nor coloring my nails.All I know is collect myself and be presentable.Wherever it may be.

 3)Moisturizer/Lip Balm

I know a lot of us hate applying moisturizer.While all the beauty stores recommend CTM(cleansing toning moisturizing) we don't do any of those.Either we internally moisturize ourselves with great intake of water or we have to externally apply a moisturizer.An AC workplace dries up your skin.An AC car,an air travel or a stay in a place with air condition tends to dry up your skin.That is why in most washrooms of Planes you would see a moisturizer or what is called a travel lotion which is fit for use on face or on body.

If you haven't noticed yet,next time spend a little more time in the loo of the plane!

In long run if you avoid it can lead to severe dry skin or eczema.A good old night cream if you avoid patting anything on the skin in the morning is Ponds cold cream (Rs 200) or Boroline(Rs 110). Recently I bought Skinsense aloe vera gel(Rs 450) and it makes skin very smooth.I am yet to try their other products but I get a good feeling they must be nice. So I apply the gel whenever I feel like it.The only hiccup with Skinsense,its comparatively new range,and hence very limited to Bangalore.They don't have their standalone shops yet across every other place and have collaborations with spas and their own shop in Bangalore.Rest anywhere else they do a courier.

Smoke,Alcohol and AC drains up your skin.Quench its thirst.

Another best moisturizer I have applied is Kiehls(Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream,Rs 1800).They have got gel based moisturizer which makes a perfect make up base as well. Kiehls also has a great midnight recovery lotion with soothing lavender.So if tension shows on your face,and you want your face muscles to literally calm down and you have peaceful sleep and refreshed skin in the morning,this is one great product.Another alternative is Ponds Gold Radiance Range.I have used the Youth Radiance Serum and It works quite well.Adds a nice glow to the face.Though the glass bottle is not at all travel friendly.In high range Estee Lauder serum (Rs 2951) is very good too.Sebamed moisturizers(Rs 500) also do their work well.

 Boroline is an all round product for lip-cracks,for minor injuries so a must travel carry.And if you have space add in Kiehls/Skinsense Aloe vera gel/Sebamed Moisturizer.


 The good Indian kohl goes a long long way.If you have less patience like I have,invest in Colorbar kohl.The colors are dark - are eyelinerish. And its smooth application.You get two types of Kohl - one with a smudge another without it.But its really worth the price.If you have time and patience Maybelline Eye Pot is what you must be aiming at.Followed by Lakme range. Shahnaj husain kajal is for those who do not prefer thinly shaped kohl pencils.It gives a very dark color and looks beautiful.

Eyes are your window to your soul.

 5)Shampoos/Hair Gel 

 Somebody said me 'Its a MAN product'.But what SET WET (Rs 230) has done is help me of late is sticking hairs to its position.With my latest short cut,I need not have to carry straightener or a blow dryer every time which I never had or never will do.Plus I find it a waste of time.Just apply a little on the last tip of your hair,comb it inwards/outwards as you wish it to stay and it stays for some time.

Man or women.If it works,it works ..

You know you need a shampoo when all the dirt gets on your face or when it feels like sticky noodles up there.What I may suggest is carry shampoo pouches(Sunsilk Black) for emergencies.Don't carry the bottles.They are bulky and always have chances of opening up.If you are allergic to perfumes Sebamed has good range of non-perfumed shampoos which you'll get it at any medical store.Or a small bottle of Johnson baby shampoo must do.Though its very basic.Remember most likely your hotel will have it,or if not ,any superstore abroad will.I suggest not carrying shampoos unless absolutely essential or else carry two-three shampoo pouches.If staying long haul at the same place,don't carry unnecessary items such as body wash,loofah,body lotion,conditioner.There's always leakage of risk plus you can easily get these things anywhere.

The current favorite brands of mine are Colorbar,Sebamed,Skinsense,Kiehls and Clinique.

 We'll come up more such products but for now tada!Would love to listen what are your top favorites ... Enlighten me peeps.

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