Decathlon and Kazo:She Wanted Something More:Bangalore

                                                                                                  Life is like riding a Bicycle           ...

                                                                                                 Life is like riding a Bicycle
                                                                                            Stop peddling and you'll fall off
                                                                                      So one day she decided to take a chance
                                                                                                    Now I cycle therefore I am 

                                 Top:Kazo,Price 1250 (on sale),Phoenix Market City
                        Shorts:Decathlon,Price Rs 550
                                 Place in Picture:Decathlon
                  Love Cycling?Join me at:Ankionthemove

                If interested in associations for brand clothing 

               Please mail me at 

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  1. you look really cute!! love your blog :)

  2. You look cute Ankita! Beautiful smile :)

  3. Hi, Just read your interview.. You have a nice blog following u right away.
    Do visit mine
    Hope u like it !

  4. Thanks Ankita for promoting my post. Now this looks like fun. A cycling fan myself i have been contemplating on getting me a new one for myself now. Lemme share what my mind is stuck on...i recently read in an article about these customised cycles...a group of these young entrepreneurs in Pondicherry are making it. I an quite short just 5 ft 1 and want my feet to reach the ground like yours. Besides these cycles are brightly painted and very colorful just like i want them to be...howzzat. ur shirt too...all that embroidery there...cause i have a thing for embroidery too.
    This really was fun...seeing ur pics and tell u what i actually needed to see something fresh. Great. :)


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