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“The sari's radiance , vigor and variety, produced by a single straight length of cloth, should give us in the West pause and make us ...

“The sari's radiance, vigor and variety, produced by a single straight length of cloth, should give us in the West pause and make us think twice about the zipper, the dart and the shoulder pad.”

               “You are invited to the festival of this world and your life is blessed”

We all know India is a land of Festivals. Our marriages are never a one-day event. With rituals such as Haldi and Mehndi and Sangeet and what not, we have our very own grand finale of almost a week. Hence, many girls including me had loads of fun!

This shot is taken on the Haldi event of one of my cousin in Patna, Bihar (Haven't been to Bihar, explore with my eyes at Ankionthemove) . I was wearing the Saree I had gotten from Jashn, one of my favorite designer brands. When on sale, I used to grab as many pieces as I could as many of their designs were so unique that I never found something similar elsewhere and they used to be affordable too.

In fact, my hubby used to say you never wear so many sarees, why do you get them. But believe me the prices were too good to not take them. I have gifted them to my mom as well.

The best part of this function was, if you have got a camera, everyone assumes you are the official photographer of the day and so, while I was never ready to be one, I became the one taking all the pictures of the event!

I love this sari because its so unique . How about you? Do you like it?

  Sari: Jashn, Bangalore

Place in Picture: Patna, Bihar

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  1. yes, sari is 6 yards of pure magic, i have got most compliments when i don one!!

    you look fab!!!

    1. @Shooting Star:Yeah true,Sari is that one garment which looks wonderful on everyone.Thanks :)


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