Covergirl Vitalist Highlighter, Concealer and Powder Review

Covergirl as we all know is a drugstore product, so when I got #covergirl Vitalist products complimentary for testing by Influenster , I...

Covergirl as we all know is a drugstore product, so when I got #covergirl Vitalist products complimentary for testing by Influenster, I was super excited. Let me admit to you guys, I am mostly a no-makeup gal. My makeup routine mostly involves nothing or sparingly any bb cream if at all. But I remember when I was a child, I would use to use a lot of compact powder. I used to love the feel of it. As I hit adolescence, I used to use it because my skin was very oily and I felt compact powder could hold my oiliness of skin in school. I never used it again after high school. So here are the three products I am going to review today - Covergirl Concealer, Highlighter, and Powder and there they are:

1. Covergirl Concealer: Of all the three products, this is my least favorite product the reason being it just does not work on my dark circles and doesn’t help them conceal. I would call it an average concealer because it does lighten a little so if you have got faded spots on your skin, it may help them lighten a little. Just a little is what I mean. You may need a full coverage foundation on top of it for best results. It’s also almost fragrance-free and easy to carry. It comes in the form of a pen with a brush applicator. The brush applicator glides although you would need another brush to smoothen the concealer. The shade also was lighter to my skin tone and hence even though it had blended, it was making me look a little weird on the eye area.

Pros: 1) Almost Fragrance-Free
2) Easy to carry
3)Could help lighten faded spots.

Cons: 1) Didn’t help in dark circles
2) You might need another brush to blend concealer on the skin.

2. Covergirl Highlighter: Of all the three products, this is my favorite. It gives a subtle glow if applied a little and does not cause any reactions to my sensitive skin. The best areas to apply would be on your cheeks, nose and near the eye area to make you look refreshed . Just take a little and not too much because that might make you look glittery and swipe on the glow where you need it.

Pros: 1) Gives Subtle Glow
2) Almost Fragrance-Free
3)The packaging is great.

Cons: 1) Too much can make one look glittery.

3. Covergirl Powder: This is an average product to use. It is a compact powder to help reduce extra shine and set the makeup. The color of the powder is very pigmented so make sure you get the right shade for your skin. The powder looks more natural on the skin after 10-15 minutes of application.  I liked the product but it did not match my exact skin tone (I have pinkish undertones, the powder had yellowish undertones) and hence there was a mismatch. There is hardly any fragrance in the product and it did not cause me any reactions.

Pros: 1) Almost Fragrance-free
2) Controls shine without making skin too dry.
3)Very pigmented.

Cons: 1) The powder has limited shades.
2)The powder looks more natural after few minutes of application.

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