The Battle Between Laces and The Not So Girly Girl

I don’t remember the last time I had a haircut, I don’t remember the last time I painted my nails, heck I sometimes look at my feet and l...

I don’t remember the last time I had a haircut, I don’t remember the last time I painted my nails, heck I sometimes look at my feet and laugh out loud, but I remember the last time the color of my top brightened my mood! Yellow is such a happy color.

So it was one of those days, when we had to get up really early. By really early I mean 5:30 am and get ready for a tour. As usual, during the morning wee hours, my eyes resist. They don’t want to get up - often they say. I often battle in my head - what kind am I? Born in a family, that always wanted me to be a girly girl but I was too lazy to even go that way.

I was always fascinated by colors but I love white. I have always seen myself admiring my mom wearing makeup or jewelry but when It comes to me - unless its a statement piece, I resist wearing anything extra on me. Days goes by, when I do not even wear earrings. This time even my ear piercings was about to say “bye” when I realized, I have to at least put something. Who would otherwise want to go with that “getting pierced pain” again.

So, I don’t know its just me or there are majority of them. My beau likes me simple and I like myself that way too! I equate everything that takes time “is it worth taking that much time”. For example “if once in a blue moon, I apply a nail paint - the amount of effort it takes to the time it takes to dry - it is a test of patience”. “If once in a blue moon, I go for pedicure, which I think was last in some 2009, my feet loves it, but I almost wiggle with the idea of waste of time. Every once in a blue moon when I go for a hair trim, the hair dresses oggles me with such weird questions that gives me insane inferiority complex. What shampoo do you use? I say anything that’s there. He gives me a weird look. What conditioner? A wha!!! Ok then he hints me on how freaking out of the world I am.

Mam you need to apply a serum. Have you considered a spa? It will open up your hair follicles. Your hair needs nourishment. Apply conditioner. And mask once a week!

We can blow-dry your hair, it’ll look good on you. And inside my head is this battle going on “Dude I know what blow-dry is, that temporary fix that makes you look good for a while and goes back to the same hair again” and the hair gel that they apply is that even worth saying “It’s like a glue! It sticks to style but have you ever felt how it makes you feel after a while”. I don’t need temporary fix. While my cousin loves straightening her hair with a straightening iron, I let it loose. I let it go. Don’t know if its right or wrong, but the idea of sitting there and fixing my hair for some time is too unbelievable for me!

I travel so much, nothing is going to stay there anyways! Fashion is not what excites me, Style does. Style is everyday thing, Fashion is Fashion. 

I know its not a huge task. But in between laces and my battle for not so girly girl, the voice inside me wins every time. We have a deal. I wear anything that’s easy to wear, easy to keep and easy to let go. Give me stick on nail paints, I would wear! Give me small stud, I would wear. But anything that takes forever, no no. Recently someone said, if just you can put on a little makeup, you would look so good. And I looked myself in the mirror, applied an instant peeling mask, put on a lipstick and felt awesome. Thats my idea of makeup in the world of 2 minute maggi. I love my bb cream instead of foundation. Sometimes, when I am too lazy, I just go with sunscreen.

And I said to the world I was a Fashion Blogger. Yes, I am. Just a regular girl who believes style is getting comfortable pair of pants with top that looks good. 

This was one of those days. I was too lazy, and the myself “me” came in the “naivest” of form. What kind of you? The girly girl or the girl who does not care anyone but herself in the wildest of form.

Between Zara is my all time favorite brand. I love their clothes specially on sale. Their style and cut rocks! I got these comfortable pants by H&M for ($9) and the top by Zara for ($15).

Laces are trending these days. One of the tricks to wearing laces is:

Either pair up with a lining underneath the same color or a bra in the same color.

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