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Today was the day of Winds and Bubbles. Call me lazy, but I am yet to get out of my lazy bed. Every morning, I wake up in the hope that S...

Today was the day of Winds and Bubbles. Call me lazy, but I am yet to get out of my lazy bed. Every morning, I wake up in the hope that Sun shines. And Sun did shine today as it seemed from my window, but outside was windy and cold in the morning. I dressed up in a pretty dress only to redress myself in Jeans , top and a Jacket in a hurry on whatever I could find in my wardrobe before I catch a ferry to New York else I would miss the Billion Bubble Party.

Billion Bubble Party 2017 happened today, April 23rd at Washington Square Park, New York. We had thought that it would be party of bubbles. It was more so, a few people had their Bubble Gun, and they were making Bubbles. Luckily so, we saw beautiful Cherry Trees, some Tulips and some flowers. We also saw a soft toy maker who was making pegions and the real pegions would come next to it. How cool is that!

Talking of which, In the hope that neither the weather nor the day was co-operating as we hoped, I gulped down glasses of Sangria and a Cockatil and Chicken Taco at Tacombi, Bleecker street. After which I started walking towards the PATH ( train) station in the hope that I would doze of!

I could see a few flea shop at a distance so I crossed the pavement and started walking beside them. My eyes caught attention when I saw a dog who had a glittery purse on his neck with his owner. The shop with the owner’s, had a collection of some unique stuff. As I started browsing them through, A big necklace with a pendant of an elephant caught my eye. Doesn’t it resemble lord ganesha, said my husband. It does and this was rather bold. I wasn’t really in my Fashion Blogger avatar today, but Sheila Strong was kind enough to let me try!

I quickly asked her gently touching the necklace “Where did she get them from?”. She says, she got it from a friend and elsewhere. The collection is from 1940’s to 1970’s and some even have a signature. This might have been worn by a celebrity. I felt like a celebrity for a moment (hic). The neckpiece was for $60.

Just then another necklace, caught my eye. I thought why not get one. The pieces she had was unique. One of the piece she had seemed to be made of wood chunks and painted on them which she later said might as well be cork because its so lightweight. The beauty of these pieces are even though they are so old, they were looking as new as bought just now. The one which I got was for $35.

As soon as we turned our backs and started walking further, I wanted to get the last glimpse of Ganesha and this time I was sure but by the time we came back, it felt to me that it became someone else’s choice because some one else was enamored by the piece. Happens sometimes, when you miss a brilliant piece and start thinking price as I was. But her pieces were worth it. Totally!

On asking her if she has her own shop, she said, she participates in Fleas though she can be reached at; Her card says ‘Fool’s Gold’, I wonder if that is her Brand Name.

Drool worthy piece.. ain't it?

I got this one!

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