What to wear in Scotland: 10 Useful Do's and Don'ts

In Scotland, keep it girly, vintage and classic British Style.  They wear fashion in layers smartly done in opaque tights and skir...

In Scotland, keep it girly, vintage and classic British Style.

 They wear fashion in layers smartly done in opaque tights and skirts in laces, tartans, neutral shades. A lot of it is also because of the weather. Scotland can get very chilly at times, in fact in both my trips to Scotland, I had to wear Jacket, one was in April and another in July and both the times, I felt that I was perhaps the least smartly dressed of them all. Even though I wore what I had, I believed I could have done so much better here in terms of fashion.


  • 1 Woolen Coat (I love red!)
  • 1 Waterproof Jacket
  • 3 Skirts ( 2 mid length - 1 short length)
  • 2 Dress ( 1 mid length - 1 short length)
  • 2 Tights
  • 1 Oversized Shirt / Long Shirt
  • 1 Denim Shirt / Top
  • 3 T-shirts
  • 1 Jeans
  • 3 Scarf
  • 1 Boots
  • 1 Shoes
  • 1 Umbrella
  • 1 Hat
  • Bermuda Shorts(for men) and 1 shorts(for women)

When planning your trip to Scotland I would highly recommend donning a Wool coat and mid length Skirt and a Stylish woolen Cap. I would also recommend taking an umbrella. So before further ado, lets discuss 10 tips and tricks for Scotland.

1)Know the weather: When planning Scotland, it is highly advisable to get a good quality umbrella, it rains quite often there. And drenched in your clothes when traveling does not feel as nice. I had gotten a foldable umbrella for the trip but it broke down with the winds. If carrying an umbrella is not your thing, bring in waterproof jacket or raincoat. Its a must. Check weather.com for how cold or how warm would be the temperature here. Get Waterproof shoes / footwear if you can if you are staying longer.

2)Carry Coat: Scotland is one place where you could flawlessly flaunt a coat and wouldn’t be an odd one out. Since Scotland is about history and historical places and monuments and museums, blending in that way is easy! I know carrying a coat can get heavy but you’ll thank me for this! Even for men, I would suggest carrying Blazers. Leather Jackets also works very well for both men and women.

3)Get Tartans / Kilt: I couldn’t afford a real Tartan which could be very expensive, so I bought the Chinese one in Scotland near the Royal Mile, Edinburgh. Tartan is very popular in Scotland and to blend in their culture, you can wear Tartan Skirts, Jackets etc. I got a Tartan Cap and I got a gift as Tartan Wallet which I still use.

Men with Kilts at Scotfest, Milwaukee USA

Kilt cap. Image Src: https://scottishkiltshop.com/tartan-glengarry-with-black-pompom-wool-scottish-kilt-hat.html

4)Layer with Skirt: Remember in the starting I told you, Scotland style is very feminine or smart casual. So somehow I cannot relate Scotland to Skimpy even though younger folks do wear experimental clothes but overall, smart is what it is about. So skirt with tights or layers is what Scotland is about and they are genuinely good at it. They could carry anything with grace. You get great tights at Marks & Spencer (both Skin color and Black ones)

5)Be Modest with Colors: The colors in Scotland are rarely on the face. The colors are mainly toned down or neutral in shades of cream / white / black / light blue / dark blue / red / green / grey / baby pink etc. You could definitely get out in bright anything and no one would stop you, but Scotland colors are sophisticated and as far as I have seen never loud. So light colored jeans top goes very well there, or formal shirts, or plain t-shirts etc. When venturing out in the highlands and lowlands, you could wear casuals as normal. You could get eclectic with colors for sure just to be different but as far as my opinion goes, I would suggest keeping one thing eclectic if that has to be in the whole outfit.

6)Brands for Scotland: The best Brand that perfectly sums up the common fashion in UK would be Marks and Spencer. Marks and Spencer is a UK brand, available in India, which carries fashion as the one we see in Scotland most often. If you walk in Marks and Spencer you would get the idea. Thats the kind of fashion my hubby likes the most as what he calls as elegant. When in Scotland, hop in Primark for fashion equalivant to Forever21, but I loved Primark because they are super cheap! Zara also has a very elegant dress section from where you can choose from. Topshop is also a great place to shop for Scotland.

At Merchant City Festival, Scotland

7)Carry Woolen Scarf As I said for coat above, there is no better place to flaunt a woolen scarf or wraparounds as Scotland. Since it gets cold and sometimes chilly, it also helps beat the cold. But overall, you would thank me for wearing that furry wraparound around your dress or coat or top.

8)Get Boots / Shoes / Wedge Heels: Since Scottish city roads are hard and slippery, I wouldn’t advice on pencil heels unless you have walked before on them on such streets  making it difficult to walk. The best thing to get is Boots or Stylish Shoes or even wedge heels to go with Skirts or dresses. Make sure they are comfortable. I do not like Boots by Marks and Spencer because Footwear aren’t as comfortable in M&S but I would advise on Clarks for UK/Scotland.

9)Get Vintage: What I love about Scotland is, and has always is, in every other place, you can wear Vintage and look happy. Here, you can wear Vintage and feel like you are in home. Not just that it blends in, with the castles and everything around, royalty comes natural. so if your dresses or your tops or anything is Vintage, thats awesome for Scotland. If not tartans, I would suggest on laces. Anything that is delicate or once again smart.

10)Carry simple: That probably should be the motto of Scotland. Scotland is all about Simplicity and being Smart and Edgy in that Simplicity. And how they do it with such finese, is something I am yet to learn. Whether its watching Kate Middleton in her poise or ‘Rose' from the movie Titanic, you would be cherishing the fashion era that is celebrated and remains very alive in Scotland in day to day life. So never be over done but done, and be simplistic in your makeup or your hair. Apply generous amount of cold cream in winters, and apply bb cream.

 Needless to say, although you can wear whatever you wish to, I wish I had known before what I am telling you here. To view my travel posts on Scotland, click here

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