How to pick the right Jewelry for your outfit | 10 Tips

So why are Diamonds, girl’s best friend? Because Diamonds has the power to sparkle any ordinary outfit. I remember when I was young, my...

So why are Diamonds, girl’s best friend? Because Diamonds has the power to sparkle any ordinary outfit. I remember when I was young, my mom got me a tiny Gold pendant and I would wear it daily with my school uniform and would feel special. Diamonds or no diamonds, any Jewelry for that matter peps up the attire, it sets the tone for your overall look or enhance it. My eyes are always in hunt for perfect statement Jewellery because I know how important they are.

 Just recently I was browsing through this website called Invaluable, that auctions beautiful vintage jewelry daily and have come across some great finds to pair up with.

 So here are my 10 tips and tricks on how to pick the right Jewelry for your outfit based on how I personally wear them and have observed that they look more aligned if I wear it this way:

 The ‘V’ Neck of your outfit: The ‘V’ neck is popular type of neckline and suits most women and comes in two types, the smaller ‘V’ neckline that sits higher on the body and the deeper ‘V’ neckline that sits a little lower. Necklaces go best with deeper v-neck as it gives enough room for the necklace to be individually highlighted and the upper body does not look cluttered. Necklaces such as drop-necklaces, drop chains with big pendants as well as necklaces in ‘V’ shapes tends to look best. Round necklaces that sticks to the neck also would look great.

 Off Shoulder Dress: Off Shoulder Dresses or tops sits below the shoulder. Statement necklaces in eclectic styles or unusual cuts that sits on the neck, pearls, chokers, fuller necklaces adds to the richness of the dress making it look elegant. For daily wear, even long drop simple beaded V- necklaces looks great with Off Shoulder dress.

                                                                  At Invaluable

The ‘round’ Neck of your outfit: When you are wearing a plain crew-neck T-Shirt that sticks to your neck, the best Jewellery would be a plain ‘V’ shaped long Jewelry with big pendant. If the neck is wide and deep , one can accompany it with a broad round necklace or a thin round necklace with a pendant.

The ‘Square’ Neck of your outfit: When the neck of your dress wide / rectangle or Square, the best piece of Jewelry would be 'round’ in short layered necklaces or statement pendants or chokers.

The 'SweetHeart' Neck of your outfit: Sweetheart Neck has heart shaped neckline at the bust line. The best Jewelry that would sit with it would be short statement Jewelry.

‘Turtle’ Neck of your outfit: Chunkier pieces in layers of different heights would look cool with Turtle Neck outfits.

The ‘Boat’ Neck of your outfit: Long V- shaped or long U-shaped neckpieces look great with Boat Neck outfits.

The ‘Halter’ Neck of your outfit: Carefully observe the neckline of the halter. If the halter neck is round shaped, the Jewelry that goes best would be round, if the Halter neck is in shape of deep V-neck, the Jewellery that would go best would be V-neck.

Balancing the heavy: If your outfit is heavy on embroidery or prints, the idea is to balance the heavy with a bold yet simple statement Jewellery. If your outfit is plain, the idea is to go loud.

 What is the occasion: A lot of it also depends on what occasion would you love to dress it for. Is it for your marriage, your anniversary or a friends party. Is it as daily wear or for celebrations. Depending on what occasion is it for you can keep it heavy or light.

Accessorizing the rest: A touch of bracelet in your hands look very graceful. The broader the bracelet, the more visible it will be and hence I personally prefer either single toned gold, silver broad bracelet or a broad bracelet in multi colors. I love both of these on my Indian Ethnic!

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