The Asylumyness, The Bhow Bhow And The Pisces with H&M and Primark

There is nothing 'weak' about a Pisces They have a heart of a soldier, and when it comes to Family and Friends They would d...

There is nothing 'weak' about a Pisces
They have a heart of a soldier, and when it comes to Family and Friends
They would do anything!!

Happy Birthday to Fellow Pisceans..

We are like dogs, leave the unconditional love part to us...

I crave a love so deep that ocean would be jealous - A Piscean 

Fishes are skittish
We can be messy but we can be die hard perfectionist
We can escape but we can be there
We know how to balance
And we care too much.

                                                                                                   We are naturally intuitive
                                                                                                 and know how to carry ourselves
                                                                                                without the gloss and shimmer..
                                                                                                                  or Heels!
                                                                                              That's band aid on my toes, silly..
                                                                                              Small little things gets us worried.
                                                                                                     But we don't hide our flaws.

                                                                              We are emotional,open minded and intelligent ;)

We often don't need pen and paper to plan
Our heads work 24* 7
but we can also party 24*7
We are mental asylum in our head
or can be  in yours if you hurt us
and restless as roller skates on our feet
Often we are, unstoppable and unforgettable.

Proud to be one!

We are a different league altogethe.r..r..Fellow Pisceans : Aamir Khan, Alia Bhatt

We are dreamers and we make them come true..
Keep calm, because it's Pisces Season.

Top: H&M online($9)
Skirt: Primark UK(Euro 5)

Place in Picture: Milwaukee

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  1. I love d way u styled ur whole look here 
    So stylish..So Chic 

    Diamonds are Forever

    1. Thanks Ananya :) I love that you always cheer me up with your words and I am happy you liked my style.

  2. Really a nice meter of this post. I read your post. Thanks for share your post with us.



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