Loreal Skin Perfect Anti Fine Lines + Whitening Cream Review

It came with a very sweet message as I never knew I could get skincare customized specially for me.Choose the one meant for you from  Lor...

It came with a very sweet message as

I never knew I could get skincare customized specially for me.Choose the one meant for you from Loreal Skin Perfect.Trust only the expert.Katrina Kaif.

The product claims that enriched with pro-collagen,an anti-aging active,smoothens skin and visibly reduces fine lines.It also contains Vitamin 3x complex that combines 3 vitamin B3 and C known to act on melanin responsible for dull and darkness and Vit E,known for its anti-ageing properties.

The results as proven as per the product 'Loreal Skin Perfect' is:

Skin is fairer and smooth

All Day:
Long Lasting Hydration

Day After Day:
Fine lines reduce
Skin tone even
Dark spots fade
Skin quality improved

My Verdict on the product

It glides on your skin very smoothly making it glow a little and you feel a bit of soothing coldness(the same effect camphor has).It moisturizes very well and as claimed skin appear to be instantly fairer,even toned,stretched and dewy.What I didn't like about this product was a strong flowery smell.If you are prone to allergies to perfume as I am,I would avoid it because the smell in the product makes me sneeze.That itself made me stop from 2nd day onward.

However,my hubby uses it everyday religiously and has been using it for a week.His skin appears smooth and he likes the smell.It surely does provide hydration so it will be a good base product under foundation.It has SPF 21 PA++ so it can equally act as a sunscreen making skin smooth at the same time. Doesn't block pores,neither is oily,nor feels heavy on skin.No outbursts of pimples on my face nor any reaction.


1)Comes for ages 20+,30+,40+ depending on age group.
2)Instantly makes skin even toned and smooth.
3)Very soothing to skin and moisturizing too.
4)Doesn't block pores neither is oily/greasy so will suit all skin types.
5)I would rate it 10/10 on gel cream like consistency.


1)The smell is overpowering

Peeps,if at all,you are not allergic to perfumes as I am,go for it.It's a nice product that may help in combating age that shows on your face.

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