Chrysolite Salon Review:Bangalore Best HairStylists,My Latest Haircut

As I watched my long lustrous locks one by one on the floor,her expertise that cut the razor sharp swipe in one go,I was both nervous and a...

As I watched my long lustrous locks one by one on the floor,her expertise that cut the razor sharp swipe in one go,I was both nervous and apprehensive on if "Cutting my hair was indeed a good decision or not".For some damn reason,my usual over the face messy hair was looking beautiful this morning.

                                                                Yey my new haircut rocks! Thanks Chrysolite Bangalore
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                                                                                                  Chrysolite Address:
                                                                               #316, BNK Complex, Narayana Pillai Street,                                                                                                                                                  Commercial Street 3rd Cross
                                                                                                     Bangalore, India

I always do days of analysis before I even think of cutting my hair.In the past I have had experiences which I'd rather not about here.Many of the hi-end saloon where 'I always used to think it's safe to give my hair kindheartedly to them' had me 'the boring layers or the razor cut' even with options like junior director,style director,creative director.I wonder if there was one adequate parlor/hairstylists that gives time,analyses facial structure and decides on their own if this would suit best or not.Many of them seem to be in a crazy hurry where a scissor is all they need,as if chopping hair gives way to some relentless excitement.Good or not,that's for us to decide.

                                                                        My hair is definitely schizophrenic;

                                                                        It does change from day to day a lot.

                                                                                    It depends on my mood

How am I supposed to know which cut will work for me? It's the question the hairdressers ask.After all isn't it their job.Like which cut?Like I know which will suit me?Like I am crowned to be the hair dresser for the day and all they have to do is follow me.Coloring hair has always been a super costly affair I struggle with even If I consider someday.

What motivated me to change

This time,I decided to give this list 'Best Hairstylists in Bangalore by Stylecraze' a chance.Being 30+,I need to maintain what I have,else I would look like the  aunties who forget themselves after marriage.I wonder why! Isn't that torturous to your better half.Why can't,why can't you be you to feel beautiful at all ages.I sometimes think I've been judgmental but if you don't love yourself,who will?Even when I was getting married I had the same usual stuff people told me about

'Ab to shadi ho gai hai,no need to care'

Really!Yes,I have been finicky.I check my weight everyday.I fear my recent high thyroids will spoil it some day but I do tit-a-tat with it everyday.I am no longer a size 0 but that's ok. I can feel fatigue.Sometimes I wish If I can be as I used to be in college and school,and one day may be,for now I love my curves more than anything.As long as it is proportionate and doesn't make me look ugly.

Graduating from XS to S to M I've indeed been on all sizes.

For some stupid reason,my hubby loves me to what I am today.And I am still stuck mentally in XS.Gals you know what I mean!

Chrysolite Hair Salon Bangalore : The Hair Cut

Coming back to my date with Chrysolite,this parlor might just go unnoticed in Commercial Street because its not flashy as every other parlor we get across these days.From the main street where Mc.D and Vero Moda is,its on the right Gali inside.Merely from the looks of it from the outside,my husband refused to get his cut,because it looked like a small parlor on the first floor.But by the online reviews,listing in papers,and forums,I decided to give it a chance.Yes,I was freaking nervous but when I got inside,

My doubts just vanished.

Tracey wasn't there but the other hair dressers were.She gave me booklets with dozens of hairstyles telling me to choose one if I had a choice.From the right corner of my eye,I could see a lady getting her cut done,with blonde highlights that were beautiful.The rates were affordable.The ladies hair cut ranged from 600-1000 from 1000 being complete change of hairstyle which I opted for.For 6-7 streaks,the cost was 1000,for global coloring and all highlights was 2000.

                                                           Long and Beautiful This Morning...Damn! That left me confused.

I found the staff to be incredible genuine.From talking like what cut I wish to have,to if bangs would suit me or not considering I have low forehead to what will make my hair straight,we discussed it all.She told me since I have small forehead bangs won't suit me until I have side swept ones.

My hair behaves weird from shampoo to shampoo.Sometimes its poker straight sometimes its wavy - and it all depends on Shampoos and Conditioner used.My hair was excessively tangled due to my recent travel.And I am always too lazy to comb.

Sometimes I can survive not combing for a month.I feel its one of the most boring activity till date.Even oiling my hair looks to me like one hell of a pain taking process.Applying nail paint is another(yet recently I have started loving the colors) 

It was pity watching the staff talking to me sweetly in apathy as to how can a hair be so tangled at the end.Yes,I did comb fast in the morning to save myself from the concern my previous parlor had but it was still tangled.She chose to shampoo my hair and added a little conditioner and then slowly strand by strand de-tangled it.Without a fuss.

Then started with the cutting process.In the recent past,I usually grudge at the cut or come out not completely satisfied,but this time it was slow and easy.She took her time,cut from all the sides.I told her I want volume at the crown she gave me that.She was very confident that it'll suit me and I was a happy customer.

In the meantime,my hubby developed courage to ask for a facial.He indeed went for one hell of a relaxing one,where he slept at the facial bed.I all excited and happy went to him after some time,if I did look good with my new cut,he removed the cucumber from the eyes,he said nice.He hardly says nice so when he did I better believe him

Chrysolite Hair Salon Bangalore : The Hair Color

Next was my hair color time.I wasn't sure if I wanted to paint my jet black hair to something else.But I just wanted to subtly highlight portions so the look of the cut is enhanced.I told her I don't want super 'on the face' streaks but more subtle.She chose to use dark blonde.I don't remember the shade code but the rest of colors which I chose was which she said won't be as visible.So I gave in to her confidence.She carefully parted my hair in thin strands and colored it on silver sheets.I loved the way she did it.She only chose very thin ones,because I had told her,not on the face!

The products used in this saloon are all premium.She used Loreal INOA for my streaks which is non-ammonia color.I didn't had that strong smell as I had the last time I colored it 5 years back at another parlor.It was nice and easy.

Chrysolite Hair Salon Bangalore:Facial And Conditioner

With a bit of conditioner and blow dry! Hmmm...

I was told that the color will be washed in 40 minutes.In that 40 minutes,I was offered tea.I also could sneak in and see her making tea.It somehow felt like home.I have never liked parlors which doesn't give me time,or are non-professional,this one seemed like I had hit a jackpot..

Being from a small-town,I love the old-world feel.I still remember my venture into one of the old Parlors in Kolkata where I got my best permanent curls for 1 year for Rs 1200.Each curl was different,and non-messy.Big circular round loops like a doll.

My hubby after his facial,His face was clean and bright.later decided to browse through men's haircut.

Not sure if he was confident about it,because he felt most of them looked like settings and wouldn't retain.I am no hair expert and he's hardly satisfied so I wouldn't know.

Coming back to Chrysolite,she washed my hair again,this time only the streaks.I told her I don't need a blow dry.Before the color,I had no blow-dry and it looked exactly the same.May be something to do with the shampoo and the way she combed.

But she did condition my hair,slightly blow dried after the color.It added volume.She told me to rotate my hair inwards from the sides and always use a conditioner and fluff from the back while combing.She told I wouldn't need to blow dry but just the right use of comb with conditioner.

Not that I do any.But I still loved Chrysolite for their service,love,cut and the professionalism.

Chrysolite Verdict: 9/10

Best part is,I can shampoo my hair in seconds.It's such a relief.Thank god!

And I love my cut.Wish it grows one hell of a messy hairdo like 'Deepika Padukone' in cocktail.Then it'll be time for another hair cut.Oh yeah!

Have you tried other hair stylists in Bangalore,which according to you stands out?

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  1. That really helps! Beautiful read. Also, I came across this crazy app called LITTLE DEALS AROUND YOU that has some awesome discounts going on at reputed salons. I get discounts on various salon/spa services and also on haircuts.MUST TRY GUYS!! Download at

  2. Hi Ankita, can you please tell the name of the person who did the haircut.

  3. Hi Ankita, liked this review a lot. Could you please tell me if your haircut is easy to maintain? I'm looking for something like this but not sure and I too don't like spending too long for my hair or looks, so looking for something which is very easy to maintain. Yeah, I'm too from Kolkata, and miss A.N.John or Ny etc. There it was easy on pocket yet very satisfying. Yet to find a good salon here in Bangalore, tried bodycraft n naturals, both were ok ok, nothing great.

  4. Dear ankita, I love the way you describe your hair as schizophrenic! Heheh! I called up chrysolite and am told that tracy is away for 5-6 months! Your haircut is fabulous. Would you please tell me who cut this for you? Would be a great help. Thanks!

  5. Not sure if you got my earlier comment. I got an error msg. I mentioned how your hairstyle looks cool, and how your write up is entertaining. Please give name of the person who did your cut in Chrysolite. I checked and heard that tracy is not available for few months.

  6. Hi Ankita could you please tell the name of artist you look fabulous :)

  7. Hello Ankita, here's another Ankita wondering as to who was the beautiful person who gave you those near to magic styles! It's absolutely gorgeous. I'd really appreciate it if you could tell the name of the artist. If it's tracy, well bummer, she's out of this country till June :(

  8. @cocopunky: Thanks :) Well, tracy wasn't there when I went, I was told the same thing that she would come back in June. I don't know the Stylist's name but you could choose the style from their pamflet, and they are pretty good with haircuts and color :)

  9. Hey Ankita, I would love to get a similar hairstyle, it's really nice :) Did your hair stay this way after a normal hairwash or did you have to set it with a blow dry to get the same look? I see that you did this last year, so does this haircut continue to look good as it grows out? Thanks for your inputs!

    1. Novitiate: No my hair stayed this way without the blow dry. No, after a point like after 6 months when your hair grows longer it looks not so great, so you may need to get a trim at the bottom.. as when it reaches down shoulder when the hair grows it gives an unkempt look.

  10. Hi i want drwadlock hairstyle.. i cudnt find any hairsalon where i can get.. so is there any list of salons or recomend for..

  11. I am looking for dreadlock hairstyle.. is there any Salon in banglire where i can have this hairstyle...

  12. Hi i want drwadlock hairstyle.. i cudnt find any hairsalon where i can get.. so is there any list of salons or recomend for..

  13. I went for trimming of my hairs yesterday at chrysolite which were originally cut by Tracy.I am partly regretting the decision and eagerly waiting for my hairs to grow back :(
    I feel Tracy is not going to come back.


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