Travelers Favorite : Non-perfumed Shampoos That Work Miracles

                                                                                                                 I've had long hair,  ...

                                                                                                                 I've had long hair, 
                                                                                                                I've had short hair, 
                                                                                                      and I've had in between hair... 
                                                                                                           and its all good.Touch wood.

Me,after using Rustic Art Rejoice Shampoo
It's hand-blended,natural,free of parabens and sls

Aaaaaaaaanchoooooo!Me,a sensitive soul,highly allergic to perfumes wonder why at all we need it.And those who do can always spray isn't it? But every time I travel,I have this mid length unruly hair which tends to tangle on itself.After trying the likes of Loreal,Kerastase,Tressame,Dove,Sunsilk,Beer Shampoos,Body Shops,Matrix,Wella,Johnson and Johnson and numerous others,I can confidently say the best of the lot is Kerastase,of course if you can afford it!

The normal Johnson and Johnson makes your hair dry!Its for babies..Unless you nourish your hair before you shampoo.

Equivalent to Kerastase if not more,are these two brands which have been my favorite with the first wash.If you recall, I went to Tamara resort in Coorg,and what I tried then was Rustic Art products which is natural and doesn't have that overpowering smell.Best is it made my hair manageable and smooth even after a long journey of 5 hours to Coorg from Bangalore.I loved their products,till date the samples which I have including body and face wash to shampoos and conditioner; I use them.You can check it at Rustic Art website.I am just a little lazy to go to their shops in Bangalore but they are awesome.It's also affordable as any other over the counter products in the range of Rs 100-200-250-300 etc.

Another of my favorite because of its availability which I have just used once and would be using more,is Sebamed Anti-Dry Revitalizing shampoo;This product has no perfume,no harmful chemicals,works as said and I am loving it till now!This comes a little expensive for about 980 Rs but I feel its worth it.You can buy it here or any big medical store.

                                                               Its's 100% soap and alkali free and maintains PH value of hair

The best product I have ever used on my hair is a Greek Shampoo which I will be discussing in the next post.It made my hair straight,shiny and even manageable while hiking the whole day,it remained at its very best.Loved the light smell too.I miss it now when the samples are empty and they have super expensive shipping cost though the product itself is not expensive.Anyways,

Are you a travel freak?Share your hair secrets,right here on my comment box,and I am all ears :)

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  1. Looks a nice shampoo...... Will tell my wife to use it ...... Thanks for the share.....

    1. Thanks Debopam,yes they are nice.Which shampoo does your wife use currently?


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