Splash unveils Spring/Summer’14 Collection

                                                   Splish Splash I was taking a bath                                                     ...

                                                Splish Splash I was taking a bath
                                                          In the Mediterranean sea,dancing to the waves   
                                                               For I quit my tees,to the bumble of bees
                                                                     In search of humor and color
                                                                                 Along the coast
                                                             When I skip my toast,to the lager of beer    
                                                          Oh I have come so far,What What do I wear
                                                      Those sunshiny new colors,and oh so pretty dress 
                                                                    I feel the air,my feet is bare
                                                                  I love the new look,its just so rare....

As Mr. Kalyan,COO of Splash says in his wise words of wisdom 

" We are trying to bring in complete mode of tropical inside the store and all the stores in India and abroad are upbeat and updated with the latest trend in fashion i.e Floral,Sheer,Printed Denims. We have a brand called vintage that is bringing in Indian edge to the western body. And for Splash the brand has always been youthful.Many think that it was only meant for very very young folks like teens.But we want to tell everybody that it's for people who are young at heart.We wanted to bring out fashion for people who mean fashion in true sense and age is not a matter at all.So its a lot better and we don't called anything mature.The not so young category is also doing exceptionally well this season.I can walk you through the Store and we have got phenomenal response.We have recently opened a second store in Pune and we have many more to come in the coming years!"
You would ask "Why a traveler has to be fashionable?" I have a simple true to self logic
 "Whatever makes you happy is the fusion of colors - Use it as much as you can - Your home,Your wardrobe,just about anywhere.  When you feel beautiful,the whole world looks like a whole lot lighter,appropriate and lovely!
Adventure isn't about just jumping off anywhere
It's also about experimenting with yourself when you haven't considered it before
Like a risk,like a makeup
You completely avoid
But when the brush is on by the professionals
You realize you ain't that Casual anymore.
It makes you feel special
And you deserve it.

Fashion is all about shifting ideas and changing moods and with each season the desire to add the most covetable trends or the must have pieces to our wardrobes is a necessity.  This Spring Summer 2014, Splash interprets the trends that were the fashion world’s talk and launches them with a high street perspective. From aqua inspired florals to bold geometric patterns, head-to-toe white to bespoke sports the Splash collection is an interesting mix of dramatic atmosphere and varied styles.

Ankionthemove thinks ( ;))

"I love Splash.The colors are trendy tailored to perfection with cuts and frills and designs which are fun to have in my wardrobe.The accessories are drool-worthy."

Highlighting the very pulse of high-street fashion , the Splash SS’14 collection picks on key trends like ‘Eden’, ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘Rational’, ‘Creed’ for women and ‘Nautical Play’, ‘Earthy paradise’, ‘Sports Goth’ and ‘California Surf’ are key for men. 

Bringing the Native to the Tropicana - Splash Fashions

The ‘Eden’ trend is best represented by Acapulco-inspired florals growing alongside Aztec stripes in alluring colours. Feminine dressing will be the flavor of the season best represented with fit and flare dresses, crop tops and long maxi dresses with a lot of usage of ruffles and frills. This trend will be spotted in a variety of mix and match print patterns like surreal Tropicana prints, Naïve florals, hand drawn prints and jungle camouflage.

Ankionthemove wishes ( ;))

"I wish Splash had footwear collection to go with the lovely dresses"

70’s is here to stay and this season it takes its cues from the seventies-inspired safari and ditsy vintage.  Termed as ‘Nostalgia’ the trend encapsulates bold geometric patterns of vintage upholstery and romantic fusion of paisley inspired floral arabesques which make a grand and stylish come-back. Soft tailoring is the highlight of this trend giving key pieces like maxi skirts, blouson and off shoulder tops and dresses a fun flouncy feel adding to the carefree yet eclectic attitude of the era. A strong look that emerges as part of this trend is the Western shirt to give your look a cowgirl kick which can be teamed with shorts and minis in groovy patterns and scarf inspired prints.

Silhouettes have been getting more interesting for a while now and structured is the route to take this season if you want to add a new dimension to your wardrobe. Follow the ‘Rational’ trend which is a flurry of origami-like fabric folds and laser cut patterns with mathematical precision. With a touch of femininity and the influx of luxurious fabrics this trend brings together the bold and the gentle. Available in maxis and oversize tops and dresses the collection uses geometrical patterns and clean mesh like structures to create a mystifying illusion.

Ankionthemove envies

"The collection of Splash at MGRoad Flagship Store.I wish I could buy the whole store if given a chance .Isn't that we all wish for oneday ! We,women.All of them."

With SS’14 comes the warmer weather and this calls for lighter textures and materials but not without a dose of iridescent coatings and embellishments. Labeled ‘Creed’, the last trend for women this season features long flowing gowns, dresses with metallic effect, embellishments and textures prompting you to channel your inner goddess. Classic combinations like moonlight white on white will impart an ethereal feel, while dazzling blues will lend a burst of royalty.  

It’s true when said that women trends are a revolution season after season while fashion for men is an evolution. This season’s first inspiration comes from the Tropical which goes on to take a new form. Termed ‘Earthy Paradise’, the collection uses washed tropical and botanical darks like the Amazon jungle, jaguar and exotic bird creatures.as a core print direction. Offered in various categories of clothing like jackets, pants, 

resort shirts and printed chino shorts subtle ditsy florals and placement motifs are used all over to add a casual appeal. Sweatshirts and tees in crewneck styles and shirts also borrow from the ever popular Aloha shirt tropical motif for wearable and updated interpretation. 

The perennial nautical trend is redesigned and engrained through various details and new pieces for a more dressed up ‘Resort’ trend. Traditional blue and white sailor stripes continue but are refreshed and mixed with other authentic graphics like globetrotting maps and prints. Indigo as a colour plays a very important role in this trend, while Hawaiian florals are mixed with authentic heritage and marine feel are fused with preppy details. Indigo jerseys, sweatshirts, sleeveless truckers and chambrays shirts are key pieces. Camo print is washed out and the leafy floral print is interpreted in blue tones for the nautical look. 

Varsity is next on trend and caters to the Youth primarily, drawing inspiration from ‘Goth and Sports’.  With sports inspired clothing finding its own audience in the last two seasons, this SS’14 we have updated the trend using bold and linear patterns with college fonts and an overlay of renaissance prints and minimal type slogans in clean palettes of grey, black and white. Baseball jersey tops, arc leg joggers and deep armhole vests with a Luxe appeal are the key pieces for a very commercial casual sports look whereas monochrome, tie and dye, leather look alike PU and mesh appear in various treatments updating the contemporary sportswear.

Summing up the season at Splash and primarily a high summer trend that takes motivation from the West Coast surf sports and skate wear look, ‘California Surf’ is all about retro motifs, hippy Hawaiian prints which are mixed with tribal geometry and sporty accessories. Japanese surf prints are also big influencers for this look that features horizontal striped shorts, ombre look pastel t-shirts with small conversation motif shirts, resort shirts, tie& tees and vest with overlay varsity numbers. Spliced treatment in photo real images in sepia tones is an important graphic direction in a palette for faded pastels and washed out brights. 

With the fashion direction for the season now defined rush to your nearest Splash store to shop for an array of options along with some loved pieces from our SS’14 collection. You can also tune into our Splash TV to see the making of our Campaign or like us on our Facebook page for a daily dose of high-street fashion. 

About Splash:

Headquartered in Dubai, Splash is Middle East’s largest fashion retailer and part of the Landmark Group, one of the biggest retail conglomerates in the Middle East, India and Africa. Founded in 1993 as a single brand store in Sharjah, Splash has grown to over 200 stores and 50 brand stores across 13 countries. With an eye for the latest global trends and reflecting an everyday attitude, Splash’s ‘Fashion 365’ binds together a collection that creates a definite style statement. 

Scaling new heights, Splash has taken a step forward into the world of fashion by realigning its product offering to meet the ever-changing lifestyle demands of its customer and re-instating their trust in the brand.  Showcasing popular collections for men, women and teens, Splash has revamped its existing product portfolio and introduced a uni-brand concept across its stores providing a comfortable and easy shopping environment. 

As a brand Splash believes in constantly being a trend-setter in the region and has successfully created some of the biggest and most popular brand properties/events which have now become part of the social calendar of the Region. With constant revamping of the marketing portfolio, newer forms of communication are added and channelled to keep the consumer involved. The Splash Calendar and Splash Fashion Shows are by far the most popular annual and bi-annual events in the brand’s portfolio of events.

Regally Me from Splash!

For more details visit Splash’s website www.splashfashions.com

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