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                                                                         To me,fashion is about simplicity                            ...

                                                                        To me,fashion is about simplicity
                                                                     Shirt: Marks And Spencer,Skirt: Sisley
                                                                                              On Sale: Shirt Rs 999,Skirt:Rs 599     
Being featured in Tanishq,Wooplr,Ixigo and appreciated for Style as well as travel and adventure sports here's a little peek-a-boo in my story.I was also a runners up in Avirate Real Women contest held in Bangalore and winner of pan India blogging contest by Shoppers Stop.Some of my travel and adventure achievements include being featured in Fox Traveller,Outlook Traveller and awarded IBA2013 for Sports.I also work with Skyriders(Formally known as Kakini Enterprises) and we conduct Skydiving in India.
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                                                                            The fashion Gurus and Me at Avirate Real Women Contest

1)To me,Fashion has to affordable

I swear by sale.Luckily,my parents have taught me to respect money.Most of the garments I wear are below 1k. So even if its M&S,Zara,Sisley,UCB,Allen Solly,Splash or any other,I have learnt to never splurge but spend wisely.I shop a lot and never save for shopping(wink ;) I do that for my travel),my wardrobe is full of interesting clothes and none of them are way beyond my budget.I am an impulsive shopper,If I like I have to buy,but yes 90% of the time I buy on sale.So I have pencil red skirt worth Rs 3500 for just 500 and that too branded and I am proud of it!

2)To me,Ethnic doesn't have to be boring

Most people confuse traditional with the regular.I don't.For me,looking good is as important as looking traditional.So even if its self stitched Lehenga I wear,It has to be special.It has to be modern and has to enhance my personality.People here have a notion that Indian wear is costly.But there are of course certain brands in the market which are reasonable and designer too.My best Indian wear brands are Max,Jashn(on sale),Shoppers Stop(on sale),Global Desi(on sale).And even if it's not branded,in the local markets if researched in every gali and nukkad,you will find what suits you best at a way lower cost than it is otherwise.The trends catch up easily these days everywhere.

3)My Favorite Color depends on Mood

I love all colors including white.White to me is purity,when I feel calmness I wear white.Olive is my crush color,I love anything olive so I have got jackets,shorts,shoes,chappals almost everything in Olive Green,so when I feel casual I pick up olive.Pink is my girly color and although I love pink,It doesn't always remain on top of my favorites. Red is my hot color and black is my evening color especially I love black sari.Green is when I feel free and Blues are when I feel seductive.Beige is my everyday color and purple is my unusual color.Yellow and Orange are my sunshine color.

But I don't wear clothes based on these.I wear what I like and usually I just don't plan but pick up and I feel that each color has an importance and the above analysis is what I have observed

4)To me,every impulsive shopping based on instinct has a use

People buy more when there's a festival or a party or based on their needs.I buy what I like and it does fit in my need.The first time I went to Scotland,before I even knew I was going to Scotland,I had very trendy clothes which I can wear and brought on sale. 

5)I listen to what others say,but do my own thing.

                                                                           Born a rebel,or made one!

I am a rebel and very stubborn.What I like is what I like no matter where I am.But interestingly,I listen to people on their opinions,and although I do my own thing,my idea is to improve on fashion or everything in life.

6)Style and Travel Adventure can go together.

Comfortable is what I like,and in Style its important to feel comfortable.While travelling or doing adventure sports,I can't be wearing 4 inch heels,so it is important to look good but at the same time feel good.And it is what it is about.Luckily,I am blessed with a very manageable figure.I dance everyday.Not many know that I was trained as a Kathak Dancer during my teens and it did help in cutting down my weight.I used to be skinny in school and in college,I gained weight during last 7 years but not as much as It would show.

7)I hardly do makeup

I have started to do a very little makeup when I go out,but anything that comes in a little too heavy is just not me.I do not enjoy applying kajal,I have a habit of taking off my lipstick and I never apply nailpaints.I love mascara but I rarely apply them.What I apply these days is my sunscreen which is really good or my foundation which is very minimalist and covers up old small pimple scars.

8)Hairwise,I am yet to find the perfect hairdresser and I am too lazy to try myself

If there is one thing that I love about my hair is despite chemically treating it for coloring or curls,I still have it :).I have had multiple colored streaks to single shade colors to Permanent perms multiple times to Chemical shampoos to everything,and I am happy that Its not all gone.Cut wise I have had pixies,to boy cut,to layers,to steps,to blunt but I am happy that my hair is now growing.And touch wood its now shoulder length and so I at least look more feminine for a change and yes! I am enjoying it :)

9)Simplicity and Honesty is what I love most

Fake is not my word.I'd rather say "I hate you" than I say "I love you" when I feel and I would mean it.I am brought up with certain values and no matter if I am successful or I am not successful today or tomorrow,I do not bribe my values.If I do not like a piece of cloth,I wouldn't wear it.And If I like it,I would flaunt it happily.I enjoy laughing out loud,I enjoy spending time with friends and family.I don't fly so high that everything becomes out of reach.So I interact with people in Travelers Meet and Stay in touch with them.Or I never miss important occasions of my near and dear ones.Luckily I am blessed with genuine people in my life.I love my work,but I love my family,my hubby and my friends too.

10)And I believe...

Ankionthemove is my personal project,Its like my baby.Filled with my passion to share my travel stories,to bring up people who are into adventure sports and try them,or to inspire people to try alternate ways of travelling.I started off with style recently because a lot of my sweet friends of late have been suggesting me on modelling and I thought well! If I dress well,and If others know that I dress so affordable then may be they can too.I see a gap in the market in the way people dress and certain things still needs exposure,and so in coming years,I'll start my own fashion line which will be in collaboration with my mom which was her dream which never got fulfilled.I aspire to be my best whether its travel ,adventure sports or fashion.I do not believe in competition,I just believe in giving my best in whatever I do!

Happy reading everyone

And stay in touch :)



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  1. I wish I had some fashion sense! I have none :D

    1. Doesn't look cheerful and that motivates people like us to follow our passion.Everytime I think stop Anki,blogging no more,its Mridula who I think about and I think 10 years...!


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