Bollywood Lookbook with Fashionara , India’s premium e-fashion mall is paying an ode to the 100 years of Indian Cinema by offering customers a range of lo..., India’s premium e-fashion mall is paying an ode to the 100 years of Indian Cinema by offering customers a range of looks inspired by the romantic sagas and love triangles of Indian cinema. You can now shop the glamorous looks of blockbuster heroines like Sharmila Tagore, Dimple Kapadia, Rani Mukherjee and Priyanka Chopra in the latest Lookbook by Fashionara which takes you through the fashion trends from the 1950s to 2010.

A classic look, this made waves all over India and Asia. Needless to say, it found a perfect place in Bollywood. What with demure characters being rallied on the big screen, soft curls, bright eyes and simplicity made the movie-goers experience real and believable! A strong feel of the 50s is expressed with side parted hair, crisp shirts and ofv course, by rocking the stache!

If there’s one person to thank for introducing us to winged eye-liner, it’s her! Single handedly creating a ripple through the fashion world, this movie has lovers for all the right reasons. To each his own. With looks to kill, it’s no wonder then that she was the rani of his dreams!

A demure character, the lead actress is seen almost exclusively in sarees with a bouffant and flower in her hair to add to the petite look. Neatly combed hair, blazers and tucked in shirts, the actor’s style is apt for the role he plays. Very believable, very fashionable and for once, relatable! 

Ek main, ek tu and many more swamped the theatres to watch Yeh Khel. It’s “pigtails and ponys” look reminded us of the vast Archies comic collection back home with a note-to-self, “Must re-read all archies”.  Fashion that the peeps in the 70’s grew up on, the movie takes you back to the days of college. The days when you wore polka dotted blouses with skirts, boots that were too heavy to actually walk in but looked way too empowering to leave behind. With a threat to the characters’ lives throughout the plot, a fashion forward wardrobe was the only weapon they had. Maybe the only weapon they needed!

When there’s a vamp, there’s no way you can escape! Playing the part of the prima bella seductress, the character has harnessed a lot of attention and pulled in a mass of movie-goers! Well honestly, who can resist the charm of a lady clad in black with the moves like jagger. Our hero couldn’t either but then again, no one blames him, if anything, they want to be him!

Creating a mark in this history of disco, this trend gave hippies and bohemians a new guru and fashionistas another style to pile!

Brimming with the tales of childhood romance, this movie will have you feeling giddy with mush throughout. Large earrings, high waist trousers and dark merlot lips give the female lead a sophisticated look enabling her to play the rich, well-dressed lady of social circles. With a fashion sense like that, family feud or no family feud, the romance was perfect, complete with hair flowing in the breeze, colourful ensembles and bold make-up. With all that, no wonder she caught his eye. Maybe the makers knew that the audience wouldn’t have it any other way!

The movie of the generation, this is two hours of celebrating friendship, love, heartbreak with all the characters dressed impeccably to suit their style. It’s nice to see the actress adorned in a mini skater dress with vivid prints even in a heart wrenching scene which I think makes it easier to get over.

Just like the characters, the movie brings together an eclectic mix of prints, colours and silhouettes which only add on to the characters if not the storyline! Move over, “sleepless in seattle”, yahaan kuch na kuch hota hai!

Who cares about finding the right match when you’ve found fashion like this? A playful mix of prints with patterns, textures and the quintessential “hoity-toity” glamour will attract audiences to the theatres and make this movie a fashionable success! Needless to say, for a while post the movie, many a boyfriend may be found sulking at his empty wallet or tagging behind with the lady’s shopping bags!

With most moolah spent on the outfits to make them beyond perfect, this can safely be called Bollywood’s number 1 chick flick!

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