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                                                                  Be Brave men,Shave! Winning is like shaving - you do it every day or ...

                                                                 Be Brave men,Shave!

Winning is like shaving - you do it every day or you wind up losing your pretty girlfriend :) 

                                      A not-to-be missed story on how he started shaving

He looked at my face with the same old bland expression of "WHAT DO I WANT TO CONVEY", and then I wrote him a short poem.

Oi men we know
How much you love your beard to grow
A mix of a laziness
And a bit of a craziness
Makes you stand out really low
That's why we do a "hi bye" from a distance
Your beard is a constant source of resistance.

Oi men what makes you think
The beard makes you look more mature
No ,it does just make you look shabby
And that's really bad for your poor baby
I get pimples,I get rashes
and so do you.
So chuck out this visual grumpy treat
Before we head on to our honeymoon retreat
Now you know why every time
A shaving kit is gifted to the groom
It's for the other things between us
To go vroom vroom..

Oi men lets be a little adventurous
Lets scuba dive , kiss and be merry
Paris would be our dream destination
But will they catch you at immigration?
I'm scared,I wouldn't want that to happen
They might hold you for carrying a weapon
Or lets go Maldives
but will the fishes feed on the weed
you've grown so long..
Why every thing has to go oh so wrong!

Oi men what are you hiding
in the layers of cactus underneath,
If you want me to be
"Your chand sa roshan chehra"
Why not just shave and let me see
"Your handsome rup sunhara"
Be brave men,Shave.
'Shave or crave'
Because tomorrow might be too late
I might be someone's else wife
Than be your rugged date.

Oi men if you wish to be mine
Well enough to care for a dine
Let's get up early
for that perfect shave.

He understood..that he either shaves or he craves for me "the rest of his life"

So now we are together
Forever for each other
I comb my hair,and he shaves for me
That's how life should be!

-Anki S.

Here's how my man found the top 10 reasons to shave,and they are

1)Men look more handsome when they shave.Example : John Abraham,Tom Cruise
2)Men look laid back when they do not shave.How about a hangover look?Suits bachelors only who never care to have a gf,maybe
3)Men look older when they have a beard.After the potions and lotions on looking young and fair all over TV,the next best thing is to shave
4)Men look fairer when they do not have a beard.Beard prevents the sunscreen to work,that works almost everywhere else
5)Got a perfect jawline,flaunt.Why hide!
6)Men might be great cook,but who loves a man who has a beard with cooking ingredients all over
7)Weeds,corals and beard resemble same.Scuba would be a pain,when the fishes might mistake it for their food
8)Most men who are clean shaven are considered efficient and organised at their workplace
9)The contrast colors of hair and beard looks good on TV,not in real life.
10)If men want their women to be tip and top,we want their facial hair to crop!

Wat relief!

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